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High Fiber: How are Your Stools?


Those with high fiber intake, chime in!

I increased fiber yesterday and today I had log-like stools, but when I wiped it seemed like someone poured fudge down my ass!


i had half a head of cabbage in a meal yesterday.

today i pooped roughly a small child and it smelled awful. but i feel awesome.


Make sure to consume increased amounts of water on high fiber! If not I think the fiber can form a kind of gel in your intestines moving very slowly. Ie Constipation


Yes, I do drink more water now, thanks. And I did notice the poo move more slowly out...hmm.

Note: the fudge did not smell (or taste) like fudge...


HAHAHA eewwwww this thread smells like ass!

I have the fudge in my ass too. Better than grunting for 30 minutes though.


depends on your fiber source. Beans make messy shits, flax makes greasy shits, celery makes hard shits. They all however make for a good shit.


WTF? Looks like fiber is the evil!

Mine were oats, psyllium husk, asparagus, spinach.

Deathly combination.


=/ i dont know i sit. and then i stand. its that fast when i take a shit. but the are huge... somebody get that "analyze your shit" website out.... hahaha


I have my best shits on a high-carb low-fiber junk food diet.

True story.


When I eat some papaya then poop, it looks like everything I ate during the week came out of me.