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High Fiber Foods

Does anyone know of a site that will list high fiber foods? Or does anyone have a list they can post?


I hate most of the info on the site, but this article has a good list:

www.protraineronline.com /past/dec16/fiber.cfm

Berardi’s last column on T-mag had some excellent fiber info. It was a week or two ago. Check previous isues.

try flax-o-meal cereal, available at netrition. one serving has 9 g of fiber.

or lowcarb tortillas. again, about 9 g of fiber.

I wouldn’t go overboard on the flax-oatmeal or low carb tortillas. They replace the carbs with soy protein isolate…lots of it. I’d rather be constipated than have gyno. One or two on occasion won’t do too much harm, but over time, who knows?

the low carb tortillas arent very high in protein… and soy is the third ingredient… most of protein probably comes from the 1st ingredient- wheat.