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High Fat With PWO Carb Diet

Just wanted to get your thoughts on this matter. I’ve been playing around with my diet for some time and find that I feel my best when consuming a relatively large-at least 35% of my diet from fat. I followed the anabolic diet for some time and did not have that great of success with it. I’ve taken the T-Dawg and modified it a bit. Shooting for around 70 carbs on non workout days.

I’m currently doing the Waterbury New Fronteir Program and am reacing the two a day phases, so carbs on workout days are around 175 by the time its all said and done with.

My main question here is to a thought that was stated several times on the AD thread in regards to taking in enough carbs that one is not in “fat burning mode.” This does not refer to ketosis, but rather the “fatty acid fuel” (if I’m not mistatken the AD is supposed to run on.) It was stated on that thread that if one were to fluctuate between low carb and moderate carbs then one would end up in type of “carb pergutory”, with the body unsure which type of fuel to burn.

My basic question, is there anything wrong with around 70 carbs on non workout days and around 125-175 on workout days? All these come mainly in the source of Surge pre and post workout and this factors in the few found in whatever greens, cheeses, nuts etc. I eat. I have not yet mentioned but protein is around anywhere from 1-1.25 grams/lb bodyweight.

I know there might be some disagreement with doing something like this with such a high frequency plan, however, I am eating at maintenance or above nearly everyday, and this is not a diet per se, just a macronutrient split where I feel like I’m getting adequate recovery, protein intake, and T-levels are optimized. Sorry for being a bit long winded and thanks for the input.