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High Fat/Low Carb Diet

Hey I been dieting started at 264lbs 23% bf.
My macros was 40% pro, 40% carb, 20% fat 3000cals.
My weight dropped to about 251. Except my bodyfat stayed at 22.5%.

Previous diet in feb I weighed 233lbs and 18% bf and cut to 203 at 14-15%bf. My macros were 20%pro 60carb, 20%fat at 2600 cals.

It is easy for me to lose weight but not fattt

So I read this new article about macros and going to try 40%pro,25%carb,35%fat at 3000cals

I am 6’3 256 currently 23%.

Will I lose fat this way?? Like I cut cals and lose or gain weight no problem but I never seem to lose fat. I use to have a very actice job and did cardio 45min a day 5days a week

I just want to get a jump start and look my best this summer

Your BF% estimates are clearly inaccurate. Consider:
23% BF @ 264# = 203# LBM
18% BF @ 233# = 191# LBM
14% BF @ 203# = 175# LBM

It’s highly unlikely your LBM is fluctuating to this degree. More likely, the technology by which you’re measuring BF% (which is…?) is producing highly inaccurate and unreliable estimates.

With regard to fat loss, total caloric intake is more important than the macro breakdown (so long as you consume a reasonable amount of protein and healthy fats). In that regard, 3000 cals/d is a good starting point for a 250# individual. If you lift weights on a regular basis, you will lose nothing but fat on such a regimen. Best of luck.

Yeah, not sure I use a tanita scale and even bought an ihealth scale which i returned because it said the same results. Just to souble check.

Okay to throw it on a time line.

Feb2014- 233–18 (started cutting)
June-203–14 (started bulking)
Dec–264-23 (Started cutting again)
Dec before chrustmas 251-22.5
Dec after chrustmas 256-23

I am just so confused. From searching it up my maintance is supposidly 3600.
My weight just fluctates so crazy.
Ive been training for years. Never been able to get abs. I just seem to gain and lose muscle

Yeah, somethings not adding up, if your bodyfat and were accurate at that weight your LBM would be about 203LBs. If you work out 5 days a week and used a 20% calorie deficit (good for fat loss) you’d need actually a little over 3200 cals. Either your measurements are off, or you are not training as much as one would assume. Need to reassess your measurements before proceeding with any kind of diet.

What does your training look like? Give actual details.

Went on the scale today. 250 on the dot. 51.3% water, 24.5% body fat it said.

I am just as confused as you guys are… Thats why I am here trying to figure it out

Side shot

Front shot


[quote]Ecchastang wrote:
What does your training look like? Give actual details. [/quote]

When I was cutting I was doing insanity.
When I was bulking I was doing one body part a day. Chest back shoulders arms legs for about an hour.
Usually it is 4 exercises: a heavy movement pyramid, trying for 6reps, then second movement would be like a nconsistant rep range, the 3rd exercise would be like a dropset, 4th would be like a superset of something. Then I would run the rack to finish the muscle off.

So say chest, bench press 10,8,6,4. Incline bench 12,12,12,12 Then cable flys 10s (so 30 totall after the set) dropsets 10,10,10,10 then I would super set incline db flys with pullovers 12,12,12,12. Then I would run the rack start at like 60s all the way to 30s. .

I am still doing the weight lifting right now but no cardio.

Those sorts of impedance BF% analyzers are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable. Ignore it (as in, don’t even check it, because it’s messing with your head). Instead, eat ~3000 cals/d, and lift weights frequently and with intensity. You WILL lose bodyfat, and keep your LBM.

You look good–have a good frame, and are carrying a lot of muscle. You’re going to look great after a few months of dieting. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it once you get there.

First off, you are not 25%.

A) Tanita scales are set to a regression equation that considers that bodyfat% correlates highly with bodyweight. They use a different formula for strength trained athletes and it tends to give about 8% less, which is probably about where you are. 16-17%

B) Bioelectric scales tend to read higher when you are dehydrated because water is read as lean. Losing weight by reducing calories will tend to result in some dehydration and glycogen depletion. Odds are that if you carbed up for 3 days you would gain 5 pounds but your fat% would drop or at worst stay the same.

The actual BF% is largely irrelevant… All that really matters is how you look in the mirror/pictures.

Don’t focus on the BF%, instead keep dieting until you reach a level of leanness you are content with.

and fix your toenails! That’s nasty

Just measure your waist once a week at the same time, take both a normal, best (sucked in/flexed) and worst (bloated/puffed out) measurement.

Also I would drop the rest times for assistance work and stop training beyond positive failure with drop sets