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High Fat Diet

Hey guys, I have been eating low carb high fat for a couple of weeks now. I have read the post below about the Anabolic Diet, and I just wanted to point out that once you are in ketosis everyone has a different amount of carbs you can eat while still being in ketosis, so it is not that hard to stay in ketosis. My question involves the carb up. Dan Duchaine and Mauro DiPisquale advised 2 carb up days every week. What do you guys think of 2 days every three weeks. Would this work out? By the way, it works great, you lose fat and get stronger

You would certainly lose fat that way but 2 carb up days every three weeks may not be very beneficial. I follow the Natural Hormonal Enhancement diet. It stipulates to have a large carb dinner every 3-4 days. I have found this works out great for me because you keep fat low yet replenish your muscles with enough glycogen for intense workouts.

how low carb are you and how much fat?

[quote]brunottfn wrote:
how low carb are you and how much fat?[/quote]

very low carb. my carbs are just some vegetables in a salad, and residue carbs that i get from nuts, cheese, etc. the diet is very high fat