High fat diet, High fat body

I’ve posted something similar before but would like to know if anyone else out there has a similar problem. When doing any CKD, low carb diet, etc, does increasing fat (even with minimal, or even no carbs) cause you to get bloated and fatter? I’ve tried every combination, and any time I eat any high fat food, nuts, bacon, eggs, fatty ground beef, oil in my protein powders I can’t lose fat and actually gain. I have the same problem with most carbs so I’m pretty much stuck with lean protein foods, a little EFA’s added (fish oil caps cause no problems, prob. b/c they’re omega-3’s) and a few vegetables that don’t give me problems, like green beans. Anyone else follow a mainly protein diet to lose fat, when I do this really high protein, low carbs, low fat it works, but i’d like to try to understand more why I have a defect in my fat metabolism, anyone have info or sources I could look at?

If you find you don’t experience many blood sugar problems when eating carbs then you probably just have a very slow oxidative system. In other words, a little bit of food stays with you a long time. If you’re eating a lot of fat and heavy proteins your body struggles to break down and release all that energy. This would also explain why you seem to do better on lighter proteins. They break down faster and speed up your metabolism rather than slowing it down. Are there certain carbs that you find give you problems more than others or are they all pretty much the same? Have you taken any blood sugar/insulin sensitivity tests? Ironically some people experience difficulty with high fiber, highcomplex carbs such as broccoli, veggies, salads, etc. and actually get problems such as constipation from them.