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High Estrongen / Low Progesterone


Hi, I've been on HRT for almost a year now and am feeling pretty good. My doctor has me on a weekly Test Cyponiate dose of 100mg's and for the most part I feel pretty good physically.

Lately, I feel like I have some side effects, or at least similar to what I've read, of low progesterone. These side effects include, acne build-up on both upper arms (elbow to deltoid and gluteal region), low energy after sex (not even crazy sex, just boring married sex), and depression. Basically after sex I feel like I ejaculated all my testosterone instead of semen. LOL! Lastly, life is pretty cool outside the normal work / life stress, so I don't think any of that would be causing my depression.

When I first went through all of this my doctor didn't feel I needed to be on HCG or Armidex, so I rolled with it because I was feeling immensley better. I called the other day and first they wanted me to go see my GP that originally sent me to them. I asked if he would just write a script for a blood test and we'd go from there. They wouldn't do that and now I have to waste time on an office visit.

Should I just let this go? Does it really sound like I have an issue?


If you feel you have an issue, then you have an issue. So much of this stuff is how you feel.


From what I'm reading, TRT/HRT isn't a one-size fits all approach. Most people on TRT/HRT go on to using AI to inhibit aromatase activity which sounds like is what's happening to you.


if you have symptoms and issues serious enough to make you search for answers then yes you have an issue that needs to be addressed by a competent HRT doc.

check through the stickies. There is a ton of good information there to start with including how to find a good HRT doc.


Read the protocol for injections sticky. Do not post your case into stickies.

You need the lab work. Read the posts of others to see what is going on. Do not hijack posts, come back to this one for updates and questions.


do you get cold easily?
do you use iodized salt or have iodine in vitamins?
get nocturnal wood?
morning wood?
pecker feels numb?
short tempered, easily irritated?
what other health issues, drugs [Rx and OTC], supplements

Yes, you need to take action, manage your own health care, learn and study and stop being passive with doctors. Let us know where you are. That affects your options. Some may be able to suggest a doc in this thread or via PM.
low energy?
brain fog?
have you been loosing fat and where is that not happening?


Finding a doctor is 75% of the battle right now. I've been to three in my area and one finally was willing to treat me. He's very difficult to get into and doesn't seem willing to go any further than were I'm at. I just want the blood work to know one way or another. If somebody knows of a good way to find doctors that would be a huge help in itself. I've read the threads on here and many other bits of informaton on the web that I'm pretty sure I have an issue with progesterone or estrogen.

age 33
height 5' 11"
waist 37"
weight 217lb's

do you get cold easily? Not usually until it gets under 40 degrees, then I freeze.
do you use iodized salt or have iodine in vitamins? I don't really care for salt, avoid it where I can.
get nocturnal wood? Yes
morning wood? Yes
pecker feels numb? Occassionaly while sitting
short tempered, easily irritated? YES and YES
what other health issues, drugs [Rx and OTC], supplements
- Health issues: exercise-induced asthma. I'm fine until I hit a treadmill or even weights and I get shortness of breath here and there. Somedays are worse than others, some are fine. Around October I noticed acne forming on both arms. I went to a dermatologist and he said there wasn't much he could do that it was just the way my skin was growing. It isn't exactly like zits all over my arm, definitley odd. I've tried various acne fighters and nothing works.
- Drugs Rx: 100mg Test Cyponiate
- Drugs OTC: Neuproxen (headaches)
- Supplements: Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C (1000mg), Vitamin D / Calcium, Fish Oil, Surge Pre-Workout, MAG-10, ANACONDA

Yes, you need to take action, manage your own health care, learn and study and stop being passive with doctors. Let us know where you are. That affects your options. Some may be able to suggest a doc in this thread or via PM.
- I live in Henderson Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. I've searched and my mom is a medical professional and helped me look too. Part of the problem is that there just aren't many doc's in the area with good credentials. Not sure, maybe she's wrong.
low energy? So-so. I'm still lift 6 to 7 days a week without issue, physically I'm okay.
- apathy? Yes, this is defeinitely a problem. I honestly just don't give a shit about much of anything anymore.
- brain fog? Yup. You know, my one doctor back home was treating me for A.D.D at one point but it didn't seems to help, maybe this is the real issue.
- have you been loosing fat and where is that not happening? My body fat has declined a bit since I've been more focused on it. I've been able to reduce it around my lower abdomen, face, and a little around my pecs. Glutes, upper abdomen, and under arms (lat area) is definitely challenging.


For finding a doc: you may have the best luck with a Nurse Practitioner (ideally a young woman - this may sound odd, but there's a reason for this; young women seem least likely to believe that they are medical geniuses, and most willing to allow their patients to drive their own diagnostics and treatment).

Anecdotal: my SO's primary, an NP, is very willing to admit that she doesn't know everything (unlike many GPs - general practitioners, also known as family doctors), and she accepts that my SO has done a lot of independent research and wants to take responsibility for her own healthcare. Last night I saw my PCP (primary care physician), an elderly male GP, who was unwilling to run over half of the tests that I wanted run - and they were just tests, not treatment! I'll be switching over to my SO's NP to be my PCP.


I have a few guys once tuned up, after a year have these same issue. Your dr needs to go back and revisit thyroid and adrenals. Cellular healing occurs 6-12 months at tissue level which may reveal hidden thyroid disorders when t levels have normalized. Assuming it is something with out clinical evidence is not a good practice.


Hey, I 100% agree. I know how I felt and did some more reading and saw a possible relatonship. That's why I called my doc and asked him to prescribe some labs and told him the symptoms I was having. The nurse actually argued with me about coming in to see him versus going to see my GP. I told her I was seeing him for HRT already and I don't see the point in going to see my GP that already said she wasn't knowledgeable enough to treat this and sent me to him. Now he won't even write up the labs. I'm not asking for treatment; I just want him to do the labs so I can get the bloodwork done and then come in for an office visit to discuss the results. If treatment is needed then fine, if not then great and I'll move on. I just do not have time for unproductive office visits and wasted time, my boss is only so understanding.