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High Estrogen Still or Something Else?


This is my first post and I do not have exact details on my blood work. I started TRT approx 3 months ago.
All levels were normal as far as liver function, red/white blood cells, hemoglobin and thyroid function. Test level was low 500s.
Beginning regimen was
.8cc of cypionate (200mg)
.5 mg anastrozole 2x/week
.2cc hcg 2x/week.

I was feeling good, morning wood and random wood all the time, crazy libido, strong in the gym.

Retested 6 weeks in and asked to check my estrogen level. They told me it was at 24.

A month later i started noticing l was super bloated, felt heavier and not a big change in diet, and MW was not happening and erections getting weak…feeling dead from the waist down pretty much.
Note, im a pretty heavy beer drinker.
I consulted my Dr. and he told me seems like my E is high based on the symptoms. He told me to take a full tab twice a week and see how I felt.
I began feeling a little better but still not right.
I followed up and he said to try 1/2 a tab daily, and that Im very sensitive to estrogen.

A few weeks have passed and its 50/50 some days I feel good, others shitty, not regular enough MW and weaker erections. I have a call in to my Dr. but Id like some other opinions.
What does it sound like? Is too much Anastrozole gonna F me up more? im on 3.5 tabs per week at this point…do I need to switch meds? Up the dosage more? Having a pretty shitty experience all together.
Any feedback would be appreciated.


Your E2 is now crashed.

You are taking 160mg T per week and most would do OK with 1.5mg anastrozole per week with that dose of T. Please see stickies and understand ‘anastrozole over-responder’.

Stop anastrozole for 5 days then resume at new dose. You could do labs after 10 days.

When to start or change anastrozole, it takes 5-7 days for the drug to establish final blood levels. You cannot make short term changes.

You will need lab work and post here with ranges.

Please post labs with ranges. “normal” is misleading.

Your problem is not anastrozole, it is your doctor.

Please refer to doses in mg’s and iu’s, not CC

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