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High Estrogen On Cycle


Hi guys!
I am 26, 220 lbs, 6 feet and 14% bodyfat. i'm prone to high estrogen convertion.
My cycle that I'm on looks like this:
Winstrol: 50mg/day
Test-P: 100mg/EOD (350mg/week)
HCG: 750IU/week
Nolva: 10mg/day
Arimidex: 0.25/day

Before my first cycle I had bad hormone blood levels.
pre cycle blood levels:
total testosterone: 330 ng/dl (300-1100)
estradiol: 31 pg/ml (10-40)
10 days on cycle blood test (taken 26 hours after last shot):
total testosterone: 1850 ng/dl (300-1100)
estradiol: 58 pg/ml (10-40)

Should I increase the arimidex dose? is my body simply more prone to aromatization, or my arimidex might be fake?


Also read this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/the_pct_serm_dosing_in_this_forum_is_wrong

You should not stack hCG and a SERM. Do one or the other.

Arimidex dose is adequate for a TRT guy taking 100mg T per week. Anastrozole is a competitive drug, competes with testosterone. The higher your serum T levels, the more anastrozole you need. TT seems a bit low for your T dose.

Increase anastrozole dose by this factor: 58/22 which is .66mg EOD
That will get you near 22pg/ml.
You should feel changes in 6-7 days. If not, your Arimidex is suspect. Labs would seal the deal.

If your SERM+hCG is driving high T–>E2 inside your testes, a competitive AI cannot work there. So this could be a reason why your Arimidex has failed thus far. So when you get SERM and hCG corrected in line with my recommendations, E2 levels may drop, negating the validity of the above dose change. Not a clean cut situation.