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High Estrogen Levels in Blood Work


Got blood work and my estrogen was 180 and my testosterone was 500, my doctor informed me my estrogen was to high and my T to estrogen level was to low. Anybody know how to lower estrogen levels, I was informed stop eating soy?


Legal OTC Supplement : DIM (diindolylmethane)

Prescription Drug: anastrozole


Improve gut, liver health and reduce systemic inflammation as much as possible.

T aromatizes to E. E is metabolized and cleared by the liver and secondarily by the gut.

Also you really need a male sensitive estradiol test with ranges and units. You likely just received a total estrogen test. Estradiol or e2 is what you want tested. Ideal range is 20-30 pg/ml.


I personally think natural cures for hormonal issues like High E or Low T are highly ineffective.

If you are eating a healthy high protein diet, getting enough sleep, training with heavy weights and taking vitamin D there’s very little that can be done naturally.


Raj is spot on with his advice. Anastrozole will prevent T from turning into E. Thus raising T while at the same time lowering E.

Ask your doctor about it if he/she knows anything (and most General practitioners don’t) they will prescribe anastrozole… Your E levels are way, way out of control–Don’t wait.


What units does the lab use? I recently freaked out when my estradiol went up 10x between lab tests, but it turned out the new lab used different units and I was actually quite fine.