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High Estrogen Help

11 weeks in only my test e 500mg and week 6-11 300mg mast E cycle.

I feel that I am experiencing high estrogen. Nipples a tad scratchy not bad, I’m always feeling tired and lethargic over all well being is shit and absolutely zero libido, no morning wood lately whatsoever (red flag for me). Also not feeling like an animal in the gym strength is not going up like it was

Blood pressure was 144/81 the other day when I checked

I’m starting 1/3mg of adex eod. Then once I feel better I may reduce it to 1/4mg eod or e3d

Please help

Got your pre and mid cycle bloods mate?

Probably just a sign your body is ready to come off. 12 weeks is a long to be on 500mg of testosterone, and for estrogen to be that high for that long. Long cycles should be reserved for EQ or Primo IMO.

Also, high BP kills erections.


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Stupidly, no I do not

. A lot of my buddies run gear, don’t get bloods and they say they feel great all cycle high labido and everything.

I should’ve went the extra mile and had bloods done.

That sucks because I didn’t want to cycle off yet and I was enjoying the raging erections.

I was thinking to play with arimadex and try to get myself feeling great again

What about cutting my test dosage to like 125-250mg a week and running like 600-800mg mast? Or is this nonsense?

Also I could possibly lower my BP from lowering estrogen, and I could also lower my sodium some. I do not salt my food, other than I do put alittle salt on my steak before I fry it in olive oil or grill it.

Those are the kind of ratios I run. 2:1 or 3:1 of anabolic: test, test is always at TRT around 150mg or lower. Ive never run mast that high but it would be nice i assume. I just feel like you’ve been on long enough, maybe blast mast prop the last 2 weeks while waiting for the test to come down to TRT then cruise. Thats what I’d do.


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Awesome to know you run your test lower, I do agree I’ve probably been on plenty long but I want to keep going for a few more weeks and I do plan to cycle off completely no cruise(I should be about to recover right?).

Unfortunately in this case, what I’ve got is mast enanthate. I could’ve got the prop but opted out for the longer ester.

So if I drop my test dosage as stated, will there be a possibility of gyno?

I do know test levels need to be higher in range in comparison to estrogen, if not estrogen symptoms will occur like gyno ect ect that’s why we pct with SERMs if I am correct because during PCT testosterone levels drop significantly while leaving you with high estrogen.

Will the Masteron prevent this since my anabolic ratio to estrogen will still be higher in comparison to estrogen?

Also I’m assuming dropping down my test could help with my PCT considering I’m allowing estrogen to clear my system more before I PCT since high estrogen will continue shutdown.

My PCT will be 500iu of HCG, 2x twice a week. I plan to start HCG one week before my last pin and then run HCG for four weeks after my last shot.

Also my PCT will include the Nolva beginning 4 weeks after my last shot. It will look like 40/40/20/20/20 or 40/40/20/20/20/20

Thank you for the help!

I apologize, I know that’s quite a bit to respond to but I really appreciate the help


No why would you get gyno if you DROP the test dose? Men do not produce oestrogen directly (only in very small quantities) like women do, so a drop in testosterone will result in a drop in oestrogen.

It seems as though you have started this cycle prematurely without knowing what most of these drugs so. SERMs during PCT are not to combat gyno (however that is an effect of Nolva), they’re used to attempt to restore your HPTA function.

Masteron is said to help with gyno, the term ‘mast’ refers to anything related to the breasts in biology. However, this effect is mild and will not prevent gyno.

hCG is suppressive, why are you running it while you have supraphysiological levels of testosterone in your system and also into PCT?


Lol dude I do understand a lot. And yes SERMs are for estrogen I could have sworn they keep estrogen from binding to the receptors in the hypothalamus thus preventing continued shut down?

Also I didn’t say I was running HCG during PCT. I stated one week before my last shot, and continue for 4 weeks after my last shot.

Then PCT will start 4 weeks after my last shot.

The HCG will not over lap my PCT I know HCG is suppressive

Ok your PCT makes alot more sense now. And sounds perfect actually. The 4 week wait after last shot instead of 2 weeks, good going.


Thank you!

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I have been on test over 2 years on a row, lowest dose was maybe 250mg week/3 weeks.
whole time under 500mg/week is about 8-10 weeks. Normal is 750-1000.

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@Singhbuilder your back is looking phenomenal in that photo man!

Sorry for the off topic post.

Thank you! @aaronca

That was a few months ago now, I have lost quite a lot of size and definition due to coming back down to TRT dose and not eating enough. I’ve held back on hypertrophy training in favour of functional training.


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What’s your trt protocol? (curious)

200mg Test Cyp. Hello btw! @unreal24278


Hello :smile:

I was under the impression you generally weren’t a fan of testosterone, what changed?