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High Estrogen and Facial Features

Im 23 and I feel as though I’ve had low T and high estrogen since forever. My face has also always been round, fat and feminine no matter how much weight I lost or how old I got. Now that im on trt my levels are that of a healthy adult 23 year old male,(went from t levels of 200 to 1500) but my estrogen is still high. I have a plan on lowering my estrogen levels and my question is, if I get my estrogen under control and my test remains high will my facial features change? Will I finally have a manlier face and will I finally look my age instead of 12?

Oh boy. What’s your estrogen now?

My face has always looked basically the same whether my E2 was 10 or 50.

While some guys do feel better at higher levels though, 1500 is asking for increased water retention.

I think you’re barking up the wrong tree, coming from another guy who sometimes wishes he had a more cut looking face/jawline.

Not sure, I didn’t ask but my doctor said it was really high. Im going to request a copy of my labs on Monday so I’ll know for sure. My doctor also feels as though 1500 is too high and she wants me to lower my dose, but I feel perfect on it. I honestly dont have any side effects at all and I feel better than ever and I haven’t noticed any water retention. Since I’ve been on this dosage I’ve been getting leaner. I’ve lost 20 lbs in 2 months and I’ve lost 6% bf. I can imagine getting estrogen in check will only produce even greater results, no?

And the 20lbs lost isn’t noob gains either. I’ve been working out off and on since I was 13. I also recently lost 50lbs last year.

My estrogen is higher than most peoples here and I’m the manliest looking SOB you’ve ever seen. So manly that when people refer to me they say “Hey Man what’s up?”

Having high T makes your body produce higher E. That’s how it’s supposed to work. You don’t need to lower it. Focus on getting super jacked and losing fat and you’ll be almost as manly as me. Getting estrogen “in check” will lead to you feeling like crap-ola.


You crack me up

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Still waiitng for that PM @dextermorgan!!

I forgot. Remind me again what the name of it is and I’ll do it now

TRT and hormone optimization

Send me a PM after if you want so I know it’s you… There’s a few people I’d introduce you to

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Did you get genetic testing for Klinefelter syndrome?

Maybe google Klinefelter syndrome and educate yourself.

In Klinefelter aromatase is overexpressed which causes low T due to excessive aromatisation to estrogen which in turn results in the typical feminine physical appearance (estrogen dominance).

Treatment consists of testosterone replacement plus aromatase inhibitor.

Ask for the result of the blood draw. A typical T to E2 ratio for young healthy men is around 20 to 25 (eg T 700 and E2 28 is a T to E2 ratio of 25). In individuals with Klinefelter this ratio can be significantly lower (ratio of 5 to 15).

If your T to E2 ratio calculated from the results of the blood draw is lower than 10 this suggests Klinefelter and then you would need an aromatase inhibitor to fully benefit from TRT because of your genetical makeup.

Normal T levels of men your age are around 600 to 1000 ng/dL, not 1500.

You will see changes in your facial features, but it will take years and not months.

This isn’t the first time Klinefelters has been suggested to me. I believe I have it as well. Glad to know there’s hope though. I’ll post the full bloodwork as soon as they send it over.