High Estrogen and Arimidex

I recently started TRT for all the normal stuff, specifically weight loss and muscle growth. I am currently injecting 100mg/week of test cyprionate. My starting level of free testosterone was 160 ng/dl and now they are at 616 ng/dl.

I’ve had a horrible time getting any weight of since starting, and have suffered from extreme gyno since the age of 13 (which I know is partially due to my weight). I had suspicions about estrogen, so I asked my endo to do the blood work.

It came back as 83 pg/ml, which I have read that a normal high is 35. She said I shouldn’t be worried about it because I am not taking enough T to create those levels and as long as I am doing cardio, that number should come down. I asked her about drugs, but she refused to put me on anything. But I am wondering if high estrogen has been the problem all along rather than the low T. My body would certainly tell that story.

I am considering going to a second doctor, but thought I would check here. Does that advice sound right?

I also ordered liquid arimidex and plan on starting it tomorrow. Any advice on dosing with my levels?

.25mgs a day and move up if that doesn’t help. Your e is redicilous. Cardio will not lower that to where it should be. Next time see a man for advice about such things.

Docs like to make things up. They are not well educated or science based. We have a sticky for finding a TRT doc.

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections


Be open minded that your low-T can be [treatable] symptom of various conditions. So read carefully. Pay attention to the thyroid, iodine and body temperature issues.

High E levels can be from diminished ability of the liver to clear estrogens. That can be a liver problem or effects of drugs, Rx or OTC, on the liver.

Thanks guys…

I’ve been researching high E2 for about a week. I suspect that I have had an issue with that since I was a kid. I work out almost every day, eat right, drink about a gallon of water a day, sleep well …and it is nearly impossible to drop the weight. I also put on weight in my chest and hips, and look bloated beyond the heaviness.

Post labs and other details as per the advice for new guys sticky. If ALT/AST elevated…

TT=616: If after one week, your average levels will be above that. Lab timing affects results.

616 T 35 E2. Not a good result. Your not going to loose weight or feel good. I would be conservative with the anastrozole. You don’t know how you are going to respond. Must follow up with test in a few weeks then adjust as needed. You could drive your E2 too low and be in worse shape!

Also be aware of when you check the T. Depending on when you test your numbers will change. 2 days after shot or before next shot will have an impact.
You have to manage your own health and be very careful. Read the stickies (several times). Be patient. Test… test.