High Estrogen Advice?

Hey guys. Need some advice from people who know from experience.

After years of ED issues I had my doc check my E levels. Came back just above the normal range.
'Estrogens 120 pg/ml ’ (Normal range 40-110). Doc put me on anastrozole .5mg twice a week.
At week 3 I am quite sure my Estrogen crashed. Feel like crap. Lots of anxiety and symptoms that mimic extreme dehydration. I stopped the AI a week ago and I am starting to feel a little better and ED is getting better. Any way to speed this up because it sucks? Does anyone have any advice on managing an estrogen level of 120?

Highly unlikely estrogen was the issue originally. Yeah, it’s probably crashed now which feels way worse.

Did he test anything else? Free testosterone being an obvious one to check…

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Don’t confuse total estrogens with estradiol. Aromatase inhibitors only inhibit estradiol production.

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I have the same problem because of hcg… when i took arimidex it goes down but always came back up to 120… how you solved this problem?

It’s hard to pinpoint your problem without labs, if SHBG were in the single digits, estrogen may be high for you, daily dosing can resolves issues with side effects of TRT whatever they may be, whether testosterone DHT or estrogen related.

The peaks and troughs themselves can cause problems, especially is hormone levels are swinging a lot. Then it’s not about hormone levels as it is about levels are in flux too much and not steady enough.

Your estrogen is definitely to high. You wanna keep
It around 30 if possible but definitely below 50 and you don’t wanna go to low either. I take estrogen blocker like you and to keep mine around 30 I take 1/2 a milligram every 2 weeks but we are all different

@jbadstorm09 That’s nonsense. Absolute nonsense.


I came here to say the same.

I still find it baffling for people to state someone’s estrogen is ‘high’ when in virtually every case they simply have insufficient androgen levels.

When are we going to stop worrying about estrogen??

Im starting to see the logic behind this. Its taking me time, but I do want to experiment with removing HCG and AI. Increasing Androgens looks like the solution to too many problems. Numbers really help in determining that we do suffer from low T production, but once you bump T and Free T up, the numbers begin to lose their grip on what is considered standard. Im currently on week 7, not sure if I should continue all the way through week 12. Everything is great, but do wonder if I could be better

Update- I stopped taking the AI. Felt better quickly. Then I had just my E2 checked and it came back normal.

As a competitive weightlifter, we had a saying for this, “strength is a greedy mistress”. I suppose, necessary for success as there is always room for more weight on the bar and unless you are the world champion owning the world records, someone is better. We developed an OCD approach to the ongoing need to lift more, and more, weight.

The same thing is common in TRT, doing great, but always wondering if it could be better. I definitely relate.

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