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High Estradiol

How high does E2 need to be to get gynocomestia, and how long must it be at such a range to get gyno? also, is anything above normal range treated?

scale is 7-42, mine was 54.

Most guys do best in between the high-teens and low 30s. 54 is high. You need an E2 blocker. Do you have any symptoms of high E2? Hot flashes, etc.?

i have all the same symptoms i had from when i had under 100ng/dl of testosterone, so yep…

Any other labs to report?

Fixing thyroid dropped my E2 (started at 39.4 pg/ml; anastrozole dropped it to 17.4 and thyroid meds allowed me to come off the AI while maintaining at 16.5 as of last test).

Not suggesting that is the case for you, just that there are other things to consider before hopping on an AI.

its weird posts dont show on forums so i reposted that… anyways

my thyroid is fine, i just had low T, and now my t is just a little above normal with high e2.

What T protocol are oyu on? Let me guess: gels/creams?