High Estradiol Test

Hey guys,

I’ve been on Hcg for a couple years now. Been getting blood work every 6 months. Got most of my results back today. My doctor added estradiol to the lab test this time, I didn’t even notice he wasn’t before (I think he did at the beginning). Anyway, my estradiol is 296 pmol and it’s suppose to be under 169. Not sure how worried I should be. I take the injections twice a week and the i take clomiphene every second day.

Still waiting on testosterone result but it’s always within the normal limit.

I ll make an app with my doctor but looking for opinions in the mean time because that number is pretty high and I am a bit worried.

Fwiw I feel fine in all aspects. I also started taking Wellbutrin for anxiety to not sure if that would do anything?

Normal ranges for estrogen are derived from men with Total T <500 not on hormone replacement therapy. Your estrogen is high because you’re on hCG and clomid which is to be expected.

TRT in isolation would most likely see a higher T:E2 ratio compare to hCG mono therapy and clomid.

Ok thx. I figured that may be the case.

The estrogen test may even be picking up the estrogenic compounds in the clomid within the bloodstream. So measuring the true amount of estrogen in your bloodstream may be problematic.

Measuring serum estrogen has its problems, basically you’re pouring water onto a potted plant and once the soil, in this case, tissues, is fully saturated, you’re measuring the water, spill-over onto the ground or serum levels.

Tissue levels is more important, which can’t be tested, serum levels is practically meaningless.

Same with DHT, tissues absorb all it can and the rest is spill-over in the bloodstream.

Tissue considerations of estrogen is where the effects of estrogen occurs, and you can’t test for that.

Just got my testosterone results back. 1200. Highest it’s ever been. Not sure what I’ve changed or maybe this is a one off. It’s usually right around 500.

Perhaps you changed, because biology is ever-changing. My response to TRT has change many time over.