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High Estradiol on Celebrity Apprentice


Anyone here watch Celebrity Apprentice?

I really think that Meatloaf could benefit from some intervention and really needs to get his estradiol levels checked out.

the uncontrollable emotional outbursts, crying, being overwhelmed by emotions, etc. all seem to point to too high estradiol. I know as I have felt and possibly acted the same way when my estradiol was through the roof.

Anyone else agree?


I'm pretty sure WATCHING the Celebrity Apprentice is a sign of high estradiol.


LMAO!!! He also has bitch tits!!!


Umm, if you watched Fight Club you would know it was because he had testicular cancer and had to go on TRT (which was poorly prescribed) which resulted in high E2...

His name was Robert Paulson...


yeah.... not so sure that is real life though....


I'm not entirely sure Celebrity Apprentice is real life either :slight_smile:

You are probably right though, he looks like he is probably highly aromatizable...


I only saw the one episode where Gary Busey was doing that promotional TV ad for the steak company. That whole kite thing had me rolling. People are too hard on him though. After all, he was in a bad accident and broke in part of his skull. Doctors had to remove some pieces of his brain. No joke.


Saw them filming this right outside my office. I was literally 5 feet away from Gary Busey, dude looks like death in person. No joke....