High Estradiol Low Test

Hello i’ve been an avid reader of tmuscle for the past two years, never posted until today.

Im 38, 259 with 16 % BF

I recently recieved my tests back from my doc. Everything came back within range but the Test was on the low side and E2 on the High Side.

T4 Free 1.0 g/dL
Cortisol 12 mcg/dL
Test total 276
Estradiol 40

After these results my Doc prescribed androgel.
KS- Man please correct me, this will only take care of the low test but will do nothing for the T to E2 aromatization plut the DHT side effects.
I had a very extensive BW done, which other factors shoud I consider ?

Im Sold on your TRT

125 mg cyp per week
250 iu hcg 3 times per week
1mg adex a week