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High Estradiol Levels 1.5 Years After Last Cycle - Adex?

So I’m 25 yo, my last cycle of test and dbol ended over 1,5 years ago. I did some blood tests last week, as I’m planning on doing another cycle, and everything is perfect, except for my estradiol levels (56.4 pg/mL).

I feel great and have no side effects whatsoever. I’m fairly lean (~12-14%bf) and my test and liver enzymes levels are within normal range.

I have some adex on hand, would it be wise to run a low dosage of say 0.5mg E3D and re-check my estradiol levels before getting back on?

Any other suggestions/advise is very welcome.

Thanks in advance!

If you feel great and have no issues, don’t mess with your E2. No, don’t lower your E2 unnecessarily. Keep the adex on hand for during your cycle. Due to you already having higher than avg E2 you may be one of those that needs a low dose adex regimen during cycle. I would keep it low to start and only ramp it up if sides manifest.


Sounds good! Thanks for the input!
The funny thing is that I didn’t even feel the need to run any adex on my last cycle, as I did not have any estrogen-related side effects (i.e. water retention, sore nips)… but I always have it on hand, of course.

Treat the patient not the number. If you feel good and have no issues then don’t mess with it.


Well said! I’ll keep that in mind. Appreciate the reply.

As I’m now planning on doing another cycle w/ the same compounds, I’ve got the following question:

  • Knowing what I said on the OP and knowing that on my previous cycle I did not run any AI, as I didn’t feel it was necessary, would you guys recommend that I run a low dosage of Arimidex throughout my next one just to make sure I don’t get any estrogen-related side effects?

P.S. Although I’m fairly lean now (12-14% bf) I do gain fat very easily around my waist and chest. Which is the main reason why I’m considering running an AI during cycle.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.