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High Estradiol Level

Labs look good. Your testosterone level is 961. Your estradiol level is slightly high 44
So, yes what do I do next I had T.Cancer surgery in June of this year and was placed on [testosterone cypionate 200 mg/mL intramuscular solution] 3mL a week, I’m still having trouble losing body fat, would this just me my diet and exercise regime?

It will be difficult to advise you without your other biomarkers, I didn’t respond to TRT injecting weekly or even twice weekly. If you have thyroid problems TRT will not work well.

You enjoy the advantage you now have with testosterone. Initially you’ll gain some water weight that will look sort of like fat but it goes away after a while (about 4 months for me). If you get your diet in check and run a halfway decent /consistent training routine you’ll look like a different person soon enough. Your estrogen level is fine and there are many here with double your estrogen levels.

Just realized you said 3ml/week of 200mg/ml. That’s 600mg/week which is steroid cycle level and and would have your levels way higher than you stated. How much are you actually taking?

Not of 200mL I’m sorry, I get 200mL and refill when needed

You get 200mg/ml testosterone and take 1ml a week? If you feel good now do nothing, enjoy it, live life :slight_smile:

So what dosage do you inject per week? 200mg?

No, 30mg

That can’t be correct. What size syringe are you using? And how much are you filling that syringe too? Also, how many times a week are you injecting? Once?

No, you don’t. Or at least I hope you don’t

Im going to assume .3ml or 60mg twice a week for a total of 120mg per 7 days.

Do you have high e2 symptoms?

My total t is around 1400, e2 around 80 and I feel very good with such values

I’m sorry your right, I wasn’t home at the time and was honestly guessing, It’s 0.3 and the syringe size is 1ml

So you’re injecting .30ml once a week that’s 60mg/week.

It’s 200 mg/mL so 60x2

Sorry, I receive 200/mL when I need a refill, it is 0.3mL a week

.03 per week

.03 week per


    February 15

It’s 200 mg/mL so 60x2

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    February 15

So you’re injecting .30ml once a week that’s 60mg/week.

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You’ll get a lot more people understanding you if you speak in terms of milligrams per week. So… 60mg per week is all you’re on? That is an extremely low dose. 100mg a week is pretty much the minimum for most people and plenty start at 140-150mg a week.

What does your free T look like?