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High Estradiol Lab Results, Other Anomolies

Hi everyone,

first post, would love to get some opinions from knowledgeable folk here on my lab tests done recently after a long period of low libido, motivation and concentration problems and a depressed ‘flat’ feeling. Am 31 yo male, never done AS, have lifted on and off for a few years without any real progress. results below:

Estradiol 144 pmol/L
Progesterone 4.3nmol/L (0.2-1.4) !!!

Testosterone 21.8 nmol/L (12.0-32.0)
Free Testosterone 54.1 pmol/L (43-138)
SHBG 28 nmol/L (15-50)
DHEAS 14.0 umol/L 2.5-13.

The doc, who happens to be an LEF doc, was most concerned about my E levels saying it is too high for a man of my age (31). He recommended saw palmetto concentrate to inhibit T aromatasing into E. Been on it for over week, havent noticed anything yet.

He didnt mention anything about the progesterone which is 4 times higher than the high end of the range!! anyone know much about this and whether it could be linked to the high E levels?

Testosterone levels are OK, free T is lowish, not sure what the Free androgen index is about…

DHEA is over the high range which is kind of odd to me…

It looks like a strange mix to me, anyone see a pattern in here? Doc seems to think that saw palmetto should balance things out and bring T levels up slightly. Opinions??


forgot to add:

Free Androgen Index 78% (15 - 100)

just my opinion but i think more drastic measures should be taken to get your e2 in check. namely arimidex, an e2 level that high has to be making you feel horrible. i would try .25mg every day for 4 weeks then retest, also its important that they specify sensitive assay for males for your e2 level test.


Re: Elevated Estradiol

I don’t think your estradiol level is nearly as high as you believe it to be. The lab you used measured your E2 (Estradiol) level in SI Units, pmol/L. Most posters here are quoting their E2 levels in conventional units, pg/mL. Were you given a lab reference range for Estradiol?

To convert your lab value from SI to Conventional Units, divide 144 by 3.671, giving you 39.2 pg/mL. This is still a bit high.

Here is a handy SI-Conventional conversion chart for many typical lab measures, including estradiol and testosterone:

The lab where I have my bloodwork done indicates an optimal E2 value of <130 pmol/L, or 35.4 pg/mL in Conventional Units. You should discuss this with your doctor. Many TRT posters here seem to be happiest when that number is in the low 20s.

Re: Saw palmetto to control estradiol

I have not previously read about saw palmetto being used to control estradiol. It is thought to be a mild 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, and used to control benign prostatic hyperplasia. It may also block DHT from binding to androgen receptors in the prostate. There is conjecture that it may also act as a phytoestrogen (dietary estrogen) and thus be beneficial as an estrogen antagonist. I’m guessing that this is your doctor’s thinking.

Re: Eelevated progesterone

This link is to a Q&A article supporting a progesterone lotion for men:


The article and accompanying chart, “pathway for biosynthesis of hormones (simplified)” may help to answer your progesterone concerns and to piece together the hormone puzzle.


Good luck with getting this sorted out. It takes time, some trial and error, a receptive physician and a proactive approach by you.