High Estradiol as a Teen?

I’ve never touched a steroid in my life (and I don’t look anything like I have), but I have high E, and relatively low T for my age (19).
Here are some blood results from a while ago:
T - 15.7 NMol/L (reference range 6.0 - 27.0)
Free T - 92.5 PMol/L (reference 15.6 - 146)

Estradiol - 258 PMol / L (reference 0-172)

I did one more recently, but can’t find the results…I’ll look for it and post back though.

Anyways, seems like in terms of estradiol it converts to 70pg/ml, while people aim to have between 20-30.

Just curious if anyone has knowledge / experience and knows if I should further pursue and look to get something done about this?

My doctor said everything looks fine, “you have high estrogen but I don’t know what that means, guys normally don’t test estradiol, its fine”.

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E2 can be elevated by:

  • liver problems, test ALT, AST - follow up with doc if elevated
  • too much fat where aromatase is high
  • bad gut flora, try a good probiotic. [most products are a joke]

You can lower E2 with 0.5 mg/week anastrozole, very safe and effective, see notes re this in stickies.

How do you feel? Low energy? Can be a thyroid problem, read thyroid basics, assess your iodine intake and check body temperatures.

Post complete labs. CBC would be useful!

If you lowered E2, I expect that your T would improve a lot and your T:E ratio would be vastly different.

Just found my second set of results, which are actually a bit better since estradiol is half in this one.

Estradiol is 126PMOL/L
FreeTest is 82.4PMol/L
Total Test is 16.6NMol/L

With that said, I do still feel the same as I did with the first test. Weak libido, lethargic feeling, body composition with most fat stored around the waist / lower stomach and back.

As for CBC, is there anything specific thats useful? Don’t have a scanner and theres a lot on the report if im going to type it all out.

Some stuff about CBC:
Hemogloblin 166G/L
Hematocrit 0.485L/L
WBC Count 5.3 X10 9/L
RBC 5.41X10 12/L

With the results from about a year ago being so vastly different from 6 months ago, is it worth going to my doctor to ask for another test? He might not want to give it to me because he said everything is fine though.

I’m going to go do some more bloodwork and hopefully find out what my issues are. I still have terrible libido, and hold belly fat / love handle fat really poorly. Even after working out for 3 years, dieting properly (counting macros etc), I still have a very poor physique and have to diet on really low calories or else I gain weight.

What should I ask the doctor to test? Figure I should get everything tested here to figure out if I have any thyroid problems, or anything else that can relate to my issues.

KSman, any suggestions?

If you libido is low, you should get prolactin checked.

usually estrogen would increase libido in men (but maybe you grew resistant to it because of your high levels).

You could try to eat a lot of broccoli for a while, there are some chemicals in them that promote a better estrogen metabolism (or take it as a supp, but I don’t remember the name right now).

Other than that, you could try losing fat, taking more zinc or laying of the porn/masturbation for a while (especially porn). They tend to raise testosterone for a short while, which might lead to an activation of aromatase and in the long run this could screw with your hormones.

Please see my prior post.

I’m actually going to go back and re-do bloods later this week, and add the liver bloods you suggested. Will post them once I have the results.

As for using anastrazole, am I allowed to ask for a good source? I see some places selling the tabs but I have no idea how to know if they’re legit, how they compare to pharma quality, etc. I honestly don’t think my doctor will be willing to prescribe arimidex even if I ask, though I am trying a new doctor this time since my old one seems to think testing e2 is useless for men and it being high doesn’t matter.

You are on your own for anastrozole. Get a liquid product, USA source, so you can use 1 drop increments. The “research chemical” anastrozole products seem to have the same dose response as Rx.