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High Estradiol and Test

i have 21y, weight 154 lbs . my problem is that i have poor libido and gyno
my blood test
Estradiol 45,69 pg/ml 7,63 42,60 H
Prolactin 392,40 mIU/l 86,00 324,00 H
Test 796,20 ng/dl 249,00 836,00

my doc prescribe me nolvadex 20mg per day, im taking it one week now,but i dont feel much better.
should i take arimidex 0,5mg per week?

i dont take any steroid before,test or anything like that
gyno is small but libido is poor
please help

Rafa, what time of the day were your blood tests? What time did you wake up that day?

Read the “sticky posts” at the top of the main T replacement page. They will have a yellow icon to the right of the title. Look at the “advice for new guys” post, and answer all the questions. Your post here will now become your log; where you detail all the information for the way you are feeling. You need to add all of the blood tests you have had done on here.

If you have any questions be sure to ask. I have one question for you. Where country you from?

ok so
height around 180cm,weight 150 lbs,body fat probably around 5 to max 10 %,rather muscular
i have a lot of hair,on body and head and facial but i loss of it from head and body
i dont carry much fat

symptoms poor libido, morning wood -sometimes i have but another time not,i discover that when i eat around 2300 kcal i have libido and morning wood mainly when i drink water before sleep, but if next day i eat around 1800 maybe 1900kcal i have no libido and poor morning wood.
i think a small amount of calories decreases testost , and ratio T:E is weak.
i have weak appetite so eat around 2300kcal is sometimes difficult, but im trying to it as much as i can.
i eat proteins carbohydrates and lipids.

i have cold foot and hand but when i start taking nolvadex is probably better.

when i was 16 im took roaccutane for acne-maybe it damage my liver?

im training now one time a week or less , but a few months earlier it was 3 times a week,not overtraining

Kaynon311 : i blood test around 9.30 am i wake up 8am on fasting, im from poland

The blood test from first post it was 2013-01-23

These blood test 2012-12-17
Estradiol 46,19 pg/ml 7,63 42,60 H
Prolactin 359,40 mIU/l 86,00 324,00 H
Testosteron 831,70 ng/dl 249,00 836,00 N
Cortisol 17,68 µg/dl no range here

and from 2012-03-20 ( i take only prolactin ,then i read on the net that prolactin can high because E2 can be high)
Prolactin 326,50 mIU/l 86,00 324,00 H
Testosteron 734,00 ng/dl 249,00 836,00 N

Prolactin is high. With that one can suspect a growth on the pituitary that produces prolactin. Prolactin then suppresses your HPTA, LH/FSH go down, T goes down.

The growth on the pituitary is called a adenoma.

There are two ways to continue the diagnosis.

  • MRI, expensive
  • trial of cabergoline

Cabergoline is used to tread prolactin secreting adenomas. If you take cabergoline and prolactin goes down a lot, that enforces one’s suspicions, however, this may simply justify doing a MRI. Many docs who understand these things would go straight to the MRI.

In any case the treatment would be cabergoline to lower prolactin and anastrozole to manage E2.

SERM’s [clomid, nolvadex …] tend to increase estrogens as they protect selected tissues from the effects of estrogens. If a SERM increases estrogens and you do a dead stop in the SERM, then all tissues will now see the elevated estrogens. This can feel like crap and can lower your T levels. Always slowly taper off of a SERM. You can use anastrozole at the same time as a SERM to manage E2 levels. You can then cruise on 0.5mg/week afterwards for a few weeks, or continue of your E2 levels would otherwise be elevated.

High doses of a SERM, or high doses of hCG can create high levels of T–>E2 inside the testes and anastrozole and other Aromatase Inhibitors [AI] are not effective in the testes. For this reason, you would never use hCG+SERM because of the combined effects.

Cold feet and hair loss can be from low thyroid hormones. That can be from iodine deficiency, or a thyroid condition. The iodine deficiency can be easily corrected. Please read the ‘thyroid basics’ sticky, post AM and mid afternoon body temperatures [also show in degrees F] and describe history of use of iodized salt and any vitamins that have iodine.

Potassium iodide was widely used in Poland following the 1986 Chernobyl accident and childhood thyroid cancer rates did not increase substantially in subsequent years [57]. In areas where iodide prophylaxis was not used, such as Belarus and Ukraine, where many children were mildly iodine-deficient, the incidence of thyroid cancer sharply increased among children and adolescents [55].

Thank you very much for the information, it is very helpfull

My body temp 15min after i woke up - 97.1 f

at four pm it was 98.24 ,at five pm 98.81

i eat salt,i dont know if it is iodized i dont remember and i dont use any supplement with iodine.

My chemist’s only has a supplement witch contains 150ug in one tablet
if i have a ID, how many tablet do you think i should take? 10 per day?

Humans store 1.0 - 1.5 grams, yes GRAMs of iodine.

If you were trying to do a .75 gram iodine replenishment at 150mcg per day, it would take 5000 days and you would not be going anywhere. 10 per day would be 500 days… the 1.5mg would be useful!

Do you have health food or vitamin shops?

i bought a Lugol?s iodine which contains 1,2mg per drop, i have taken probably 20-30mg, i have got usg of adrenals and they are good.
i have new blood test
17-oh-progesterone 3,44 ng/ml min 0,20 max 2,30
cholesterol 120mg
Vit_D25 10 min 30 max 100
Estradiol 58,43 pg/ml min 7,63 max42,60
Testosterone 907,80 ng/dl min 249,00 max 836,00

so i took 0,75 mg of arimidex in one week and the results:
Estradiol 33,24 pg/ml 7,63 max 42,60
Prolactin 257,00 mIU/l min 86,00 max 324,00
Testosterone 1047,00 ng/dl min 249,00 max 836,00

my libido is the same,but nipples are less painful, i dont know why my libido is much better when i eat above normal (2500 cal)
so i should take more arimidex now to decrease estradiol?