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High End WBC And High Lymphs?

I don’t have Pre-Trt CBC results, my first endo was clueless and only tested TT and SHBG. While on TRT my WBC is at the top of the range (10.5) and lymphs were closer to 4.0, on a range that tops out at 3.1. I’m 24, have normal CBC other than that. I have no other conditions that I know of that would cause these levels to be high. These are consistent on 3 lab tests in a 8 month period on very different TRT protocols (still dialing in) . What could be causing inflammation without symptoms? I am fatigued often but no joint pain or any other “auto immune disease” symptoms. I’m a bit worried that it’s something serious, and that this inflammation could be affecting other parts of my body. Any ideas of what would cause this? I may have klinefelters, I never did get an answer as to why I had such low T (diagnosed at age 15 with near non-existant levels).