High E2 While Cruising, Suggest AI Dose?

I’m doing 100mg test cyp every 4 days, cruising.

Estradiol is 80.1 in a reference range of 7.6 - 42.6.

I’m definitely feeling the sides, feeling moody and extra water retention, and tired more.

I have adex, how should I start dosing it, given these labs and the fact I’ve never taken an AI before?

DUDE!! Why would you consider taking test without an a AI or SERM??

I don’t know how much adex you should take because I take Nolva but…I cruise at a 500 mg every 4 days and I take 20 mg of Nolva ED. No sides, no tender nips, no water, nada

Gyno is not reversible without surgery and is not to be messed around with!