High E2 Symptoms On First Cycle

Hello everyone.
I’m on the first week of my first ever cycle. Decided to start pretty conservatively with 250mg test E.
I injected 125 on Monday and 125 on Thursday.
I experienced a host of unpleasant symptoms: Itchy/puffy nipples, water retention, insomnia, acne, digestive issues and even what I think is prostate pain (happenned yesterday after masturbating). I did not expect to have all these sides on the first week of such a low dose of test. Is it common to have high estrogen issues on this dose ?
I’m planning on getting bloodwork asap and start taking aromasin (dosage will be dependent on bloods).
Kinda getting paranoid, I made the mistake of thinking that 250mg of test/week would be “no big deal”.
I’m 27, 5’9" and 170lbs.

All this after 2 injections of test …. Don’t take anymore of anything even aromasin lol just stop completely. Steroids are not for you if what you say is true, personally I think you’re trolling or have no idea what you took or how much you took but still your not gonna feel all that after 1 week.

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I’m not trolling man, that’s not cool.

It is more common to run up to 1g and experience these sides after months.
In Eastern Europe we didnt know much of this stuff like PCT and AI until at least late 2000s. People just did cycles with no AI no PCT. Yes, puffy and tender nipples was a thing but it went away after a cycle.

2 shots of test E are not even in your system, let alone to do anything. It takes around 4-5 weeks for a drug to reach its full potential of work, and id say - similar time for sides to show up if there are some.

I agree with @150mgaweek - if you are this one in a billion person with such bad reaction to such low doses of test - just look for a new hobby.
You can look for stuff that @ChongLordUno posts, and do that without ever needing any sarm or steroid, and you can challenge yourself and become a machine at any weight or size. Or maybe pick some fight sport, or anything.
Even if you solve this problem - people who run gear successfully dont have such sides below a gram of gear. If you cant even handle so little, gear and sports that require it are just not for you and it is OK… not everyone can do everything.

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Thanks for the honesty, really appreciated. I’m going to stop.
Do I need to take anything or just let my body recover naturally ?

No, your body will recover in a few weeks on its own.


Are you sure of the contents of the Testosterone Enanthate? If you got it from the pharmacy it should be pure, free of contaminates.

If it is pharmaceutical grade testosterone, and you had so many sides so quickly, this might not be your best course.

After you get back to your normal there is one other option if you are into a little experimenting. Give testosterone cypionate a try.


Yes I got it from the pharmacy.
By the way I got the flu for two days just after my first injection, could be test flu or just a coincidence.
All the other sides I experienced are estrogen related so my guess is that I’m an unusually high aromatizer. For those calling BS, here’s two pics, one just before my first injection and another one from today. I’m not sure if that much water retention is usual.

The acne that just appeared this morning:

For what it’s worth, I felt that testosterone aromatized more easily when I took enanthate than cypionate, even at 200mg/wk, which is the highest I ever went. I have no idea if there is any science behind that, but my experiences leaned that direction.

I use cypionate for my TRT still today.

Sadly, there is no T-cyp available at the pharmacy. Will be getting blood work asap to be sure. What values do I need aside from testosterone and E2 ?

There are some better testosterone blood test experts here than I am. Maybe some of them will comment.

I think mostly placebo on that dose. you need blood work if you really want to sort it out. If you have high e2, start really low with an AI. You don’t want to crash E2.


It’s pretty decent dose really.

But like 150 said if this is you after two shots then there’s a shorter ester in your test or you’re just going to respond pretty poorly (sides wise) to AAS.

I’d get some blood work and at least have a guide before attempting this

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Anything important to measure aside from E2 and free test ?
I’m curious to understand why I reacted in such a way even if I don’t use AAS ever again.
Tbh the prostate pain is what scared me the most: I’ve always had to pee very frequently so now I’m wondering if I already had a prostate problem to begin with.

While your drawing blood you might as well find what your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) is?

For prostate concerns get a PSA test. Most men start getting their PSA monitored much later in their life. I’d get that for a little peace of mind, considering your pain.

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So I got partial results for my bloodwork today. The free testosterone needs some more time.

Is 15,92 ng/ml total test and 50pg/ml estradiol typical ? (bloods were taken 4.5 days after the second 125mg injection).
I took 12.5mg asin and injected another 125mg yesterday. I’m feeling great.