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High E2 Reading but Low E2 Symptoms - Wrong Assay?

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WTF is Asin 6.25 ?
Is this pharma source or something else?
Please use proper names and not slang.

TRT goal is E2=80pmol/L, 22pg/ml

What units E2=65? and <50

E2 range in USA is ~ <39-42 pg/ml

Regardless whether it’s male sensitive or not, that’s a high reading and many of us would feel awful with it being that high.

You may want to get a male sensitive test done, although it will likely still come back high. At the end of the day, I’d say you can chalk up your hip and shoulder pain due to something not e2 related.

High e2 can also cause low energy, dull orgasms and general apathy.

Is there any reason you’re using aromasin over anastrazole?

Typically see SI units in Europe pmol/L

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Both low E and elevated E create similar issues.

Are you dividing up 500iu hCG injections? -half life needs E2D.