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High E2 Reading but Low E2 Symptoms - Wrong Assay?


I just got my first bloodwork done on TRT which showed very high E2 levels (65) with a normal range being <50. However, the majority of symptoms I are indicative of low E2, not high. The assay used was regular as they hardly ever use ultrasensitive labs here in Europe.

Symptoms: primarily creaky joints (especially in the hip and shoulder region), low energy, dull orgasms, general apathy etc.

I am on 180-200 T/week, split into EOD SubQ injections, plus HCG about 500 units/week. Lately, I have been using about 6.25 Asin/day

Could my reading in fact be completely wrong? Once I increased my AI dose, I feel worse, not better… The shoulder issue got really bad and it has been a struggle to get motivated to hit the gym.


WTF is Asin 6.25 ?
Is this pharma source or something else?
Please use proper names and not slang.

TRT goal is E2=80pmol/L, 22pg/ml

What units E2=65? and <50

E2 range in USA is ~ <39-42 pg/ml


hey Ksman,

Asin indeed stands for Aromasin. I have certainly seen others refer to Arimidex as Adex on this forum without anyone raising an eyebrow so I never thought that someone would get exasperated over Asin, but I digress.

Back to the original point. Aromasin comes from a pharmacy, yes. 6.25 means 6.25 mg per day.

The e2 range we use here is ng/L, so effectively the same as pg/ml (correct me if I am wrong). What set my alarm bell ringing is that the reference range they consider normal is <50 ng/L which does not grab me as very accurate. I scored 65 on that scale, but it was not a sensitive assay. There is a lot of discussion on excelmale about how misleading regular E2 tests can be when no ultrasensive assay is applied, I was wondering if anyone had experience with both?


Regardless whether it’s male sensitive or not, that’s a high reading and many of us would feel awful with it being that high.

You may want to get a male sensitive test done, although it will likely still come back high. At the end of the day, I’d say you can chalk up your hip and shoulder pain due to something not e2 related.

High e2 can also cause low energy, dull orgasms and general apathy.

Is there any reason you’re using aromasin over anastrazole?


Hi Hostile,

Thank you for your reply. Injuries could well stem from strength training and/or football practices, both of which can take their toll on the joints I’d imagine. Not sure whether they actually perform sensitive tests round here so I’d need to look into that. The past week I lowered my use of Asin and felt a little bit better for the first day or two, but the the fatigue set in and I could barely get through my day.

BTW, I am using Asin over Adex because I have found Adex to be too harsh and unpredictable in terms of sides and dialing in the right dose. Asin seems much more forgivable in this regard.


Typically see SI units in Europe pmol/L

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Both low E and elevated E create similar issues.

Are you dividing up 500iu hCG injections? -half life needs E2D.


Good looking out KSman,

Yes, low and high E symptoms are sometimes difficult to tell apart. I have been doing HCG every other day at about 125 units per shot. I now inject around 25 mg of T every day SubQ right into my belly, for a total of around 175 mg/week.

After I discovered the discrepancy between regular and sensitive essay, I laid off AI for a week. Got quite puffy in the process on my face, but otherwise I felt really good. I took 6.25 mg of aromasin last night to reduce the bloat and my joints are beginning to play up a bit. It was definately harder to get up in the morning, morning mood was gone too, but so was the bloat.

Gotta get that E2 under control.