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High E2, Prolactin, and ALP - HELP!!

Well gentlemen, this sucks.

On a day 7 fasting blood test after injection:

Prolactin: 38.5 (range 2-18)
Alkaline Phosphatase 126 (range 40-115)
Estradiol: 64 (eveyone knows this one!)
Free test: 168.9
Total test: 915
Bio test: 339.9

So, for those of you following the Prolactin thread my levels actually increased by four points. I was using Dopa Bean and Ginseng for over a month both of which are supposed to help lower prolactin - no dice. What’s next now? I have to go on Dostinex. Lovely…

Estradiol - KSman, Headhunter, others - you were right! :slight_smile: I definitely noticed increased moodiness and my frikkin nipples have occasionally felt itchy. This sucks and I agree that it needs to be in check by the way I have felt over the last few weeks.

ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase) - this one is concerning - anyone have any info on why this might be high now. Perhaps the TRT? I’ve heard that it could be creatine also???


Couple of suggestions:

  1. For prolactin control, bromocriptine (Parlodel) is reported to be most effective. PM me if you need a link to order this, but do some research on it first, especially with regards to other supplements/meds you are taking.

  2. Life Extension Foundation has a good link to see what high and low values for various CBC results might indicate:


What about B6 for lowering Prolactin?

Beach Billy:
Parlodel, as I understand was the the drug to use before Dostinex - apparently Dostinex is preferred now?

I tried B6 first before the 2nd blood test which did nothing for me. Then the others after before this 3rd blood test. Thanks for the feedback however!

Beach Billy:
On that chart, high values in ALP can be a sign of “Estrogens” (assuming abnormal amounts)!! then it covers, Birth Control Pills, oral hypoglycemic agents, etc.

Ok what does everyone make of that?

Elevated ALP is consistent with your elevated E2 levels. You seriously need to do something about your E2.

Testosterone is useless by itself.

It isn’t until testosterone binds to an androgen receptor that something happens. If the majority of your androgen receptors are blocked with E2 (a powerful androgen receptor antagonist) then it really doesn’t matter how much testosterone you have.

This is why it’s the ratio of E to T that matters. Your T should be 30 to 40 times greater than your E2 for best results. You’re at 15:1 right now and that’s right after an injection!

Getting your E2 under control needs to be your number one priority.

Thanks for the info happyDog48; Do you have an links to literature on the relationship of ALP and increased E2?

I agree about getting it under control now. I went from 25 starting out to 64 now! I have an appointment on Monday morning but really wanted to get a script now which I won’t be able to get until Monday.

I think I need emergency E2 help. I have been taking reservatrol and vitex but I need something now! :slight_smile: Any suggestions? Can it be ordered online w/ overnight delivery perhaps?

[quote]TESTOSTECULES wrote:
Beach Billy:
Parlodel, as I understand was the the drug to use before Dostinex - apparently Dostinex is preferred now?


Dostinex might be preferred, but it is waaaaaay more expensive than Parlodel, unless you have a fixed co-pay with your medical insurance, in which case, who cares? If not, then it certainly would be worth a try. Ask your Doc about it.

On an up note for the thread - I’m getting frekkin jacked! I haven’t changed a thing with diet (which is dead on - using a diet from one of Justin Harris’ diet guru’s - Shelby Starnes - he’s awesome btw) and cardio/exercise (both dead on) and bang less fat and more muscle, great pumps, vascular, ahhh yea! Was more even tempered… etc. I have been trying to get a six pack for years and trying very hard to no avail.

Happydog - actually I had injected one week before the blood test. The results above would have been right in the trough the following week.

My endo is awesome!

He is going to try brining my estrogen down first which he thinks is related to the prolactin increase. So great news for now - no dostinex. BTW, my endo references John Chrisler’s info.