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High E2 Problem

I have a genetic predisposition for the presence of a high amount of aromatase enzymes. Naturally, I have high test levels above 670-850 at the age of 33 years old. However, my estradiol keeps fluctuating between 36-45 and every attempt to drop it below 30 has failed.

I’ve always had a slim muscular build, but it’s extremely hard to build muscle and gain weight naturally. The Endo confirmed that I don’t have gynecamastia. In March 2018, I began experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation so I started a program called the Boost Program (HCG and Chlomid) at LowT99. The lab results are included in detail below. I was under that program from April 2018 to July 16, 2018. In sum, the increased Anastrazole doses were ineffective at suppressing the conversion of excess Test to Estradiol. As a result, the T/E Ratio dropped to as low as 10.42:1 (test 1,313 estradiol 126). Ironically, while I was on that hormonal treatment I had never felt better with test levels above 1,100-1,300. My libido was great, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation stopped occurring, erections were thicker and stronger, and overall I felt stronger with the increased muscle and inner confidence. The only con was that a lot of the weight gain was around the abdomen.

Since stopping hormonal therapy in July, I’ve put forth a solid effort to naturally cutting down the estradiol levels WITHOUT ANY success (no processed foods, limiting exposure to BPA chemicals-plastics, soaps, etc., reducing stress, sleeping 6-7 hours, and the use of the following supplements: DIIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, and Resveratrol. It’s been over 5 month since hormonal treatment and here are the results of the Lab Corp test on 12/27: Test 802 Estradiol 45.0 (T/E Ratio: 18:1), LH 4.6 SHGB 63.5 Free Test n/a BioTest n/a. Unfortunately, my weight is back down to 154-155, symptoms of erectile dysfunction/ premature ejaculation have returned along with weaker erections. All the size and muscle gained is gone.

My goal is to achieve an optimal and healthy hormonal balance with estradiol below 30 and a T/E ratio above 25:1. I’m considering the use of Anastrazole independently w/o test producing meds or Anastrazole+Chlomid monotherapy or Anastrazole + HCG monotherapy.

Any suggestions and helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. -Eric

Lab Tests:
3/27/2018 LAB CORP
Height: 5.875
Weight: 146.0
BASELINE: Testosterone 671 Estradiol 38 (T/E Ratio: 17.66), LH 6.2 SHGB 63.6 Free Test 9.5 Bioavailable Test 222

Started hormonal therapy treatment at LowT99 with the Boost Program:

Dose: DHEA 20mg every day, Chlomid .25mg every day, HCG 0.5ml (2) per week, Anastrazole 0.25 mg (1) per week.
5/11/18 LAB CORP
Weight: 155.0
Testosterone 1,126 Estradiol 100.4 (T/E Ratio: 11.22), LH12.7 SHGB 46.3 Free Test 23.1 Bioavailable Test 541

Change of dosage: Anastrazole 0.5mg (3) per week
6/13/18 LAB CORP
Weight 168
Testosterone 1,308 Estradiol 109.7 (T/E Ratio: 11.92) LH 20.9 SHGB 56.7 Free Test 24.3 Bioavailable Test 570

Change of does: Anastrazole 1.0mg (5) week
7/24/18 Quest Diagnostics
Weight 177
Testosterone 1,313 Estradiol 126 (T/E Ratio: 10.42) LH 47 SHGB 27.6 Free Test 660 Bioavaliable Test 660

                                                 Stopped Treatment

8/16/18 Lab Corp
Weight 169
Testosterone 1,212 Estradiol 66.7 (T/E Ratio: 18:1) LH 5.6 SHGB 116.3 Free Test 11.4 Bioavailable Test 268

9/18/18 Quest Diagnostics
Weight 162
Testosterone 803 Estradiol 49 (T/E Ratio: 16:1) LH _ SHGB 54.0 FreeTest 76.4 BioTest 150.6

11/2/18 Quest Diagnostics
Weight 157
Testosterone 847 Estradiol 36 (T/E Ratio: 24:1) LH_ SHGB 71.0 FreeTest 61.3 BioTest 128.8

12/27/18 Lab Corp
Weight 156
Testosterone 802 Estradiol 45 (T/E Ratio: 18:1) LH 4.6 SHGB 63.5 FreeTest n/a BioTest n/a

Why did you stop? How much weight gain is a lot? Were you doing any strength training?

Seems to me you need to stay with a program for a while. I also would not focus on a number (30) especially if I was feeling well.

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You may find this interesting:

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Ha…I was just looking for this this AM after listening to Dr. Rouzier on the TOT podcast on my way to work this AM. Thanks!

As @highpull questioned, why in the hell did you stop? You were feeling great and putting on size.

Why did I stop? My ESTRADIOL was dangerously high at 126. That’s why I stopped. If you’re exposed to high estradiol levels for long periods of time there are a lot of health ramifications that can ensue: the risk of stroke, the development of gynecamastia (man boobs), additional water retention (weight accumulation and belly fat), etc. I’d be turning into a female.

Not with high T you wouldn’t. Please watch above presentation. He outlines how all of the studies surrounding the dangers of high E2 are correlative. No causation has been proven.

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Hey thanks for sending the link. I watched the entire podcast. I even spoke to a ABHRT certified pharmacist associated with WorldLink Medical. In sum, based off of the lab results during the 4/2018-7/2018 hormonal treatment, increasing the Anastrazole doses to suppress the high estradiol is what may have resulted in abdominal fat accumulation and weight gain according to Dr. Rouzier. (Correct me if I’m wrong). However, Dr. Rouzier doesn’t provide an exact threshold number for the rising estradiol. The lab test in July 2018 indicated 1,313 test and 126 estradiol. How high was that estradiol allowed to go up to before signs of gynecamastia?

After speaking with the ABHRT certified pharma over the phone, she stated that as long as you’re feeling good and there are no signs of breast tenderness it should be fine regardless of how high the estradiol rises to. She emphasized keeping the Anastrazole to a minimal level as well, but wasn’t able to suggest an exact dose.