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High E2 or Low LH = Low Libido? Restart or A.I?

I am 29, I did a cycle of 500mg/week test E. and dbol 18 months ago, and during the cycle I was shut down without much sex drive and erectile dysfunction. I stopped the cycle without tapering down at all, the only PCT I had was tamoxifen and it wasn’t really enough to do anything for me.

I have been slowly recovering since, sex drive has been coming back slowly and morning erections have been getting stronger. I went to a urologist (waste of time) and got my hormonal profile.

Total testosterone 553 (160-726)
LH 3.1 (1.5-9.3)
Estradiol 40 (0-56)
prolactin 6.6 (4.0-15.2)
TSH and free T4 1.59 (0.89-1.76)
SHGB 34.32 (13.30-89.50)

I just don’t feel up to par on where I used to be with my libido as it was so high before the cycle. The urologist just said I was normal and that my ED/libido issues were psychological. I was thinking my LH was a bit low and E2 was a bit high, and maybe that could be a cause for the lower testosterone for a guy my age. I have been seriously thinking of doing a HPTA restart with HCG/clomid/nolva and an AI, but I don’t want to make things worst as I feel like I’m getting better.

Maybe just a kickstart with the clomid to bring up my LH and an AI to bring down my E2? Also, I developed a bit of gyno under the nips (small lumps), not too noticeable though I may have already had it before the cylcle… I brought this concern to you guys as I feel like this website has some of the brightest and knowledgable people to ask for advice compared to other websites and the medical doctors in my community. Thank you for your time in reading this.

E2 is high which causes the HPTA to be suppressed.

Get E2 under control and see if you recover.

If not then try a Nolvadex restart at 25mg with AI tapper of nolva and continue AI at low dose for a few weeks.

Retest and get FSH as well.

If that fails.

Try HCG monotherapy at 250 iu EOD.

If all else fails TRT with T+HCG+AI

Google [“research chemical” purity]

TSH and free T4 1.59 (0.89-1.76): where is the fT4?

Read the advice for new guys sticky and post a lot more info about you.

FSH would be a lot more useful than LH, typically one tests for both.

Read the thyroid basics sticky and come back with body temperatures and iodine intake.

There may be issues that are contributing to your problem.

Any data for:

Made a mistake, the free T4 is 1.59 (0.89-1.76) Thanks KSMAN! I have read a lot of your posts, and you seem very well informed. I am learning so much from everyone on here, I am taking statistics and chemistry, finishing up on a basic premed degree and then I will apply to med school, I am inspired by you guys. One day, we will overcome this epidemic that many of us are facing and change the way the healthcare system works. I will get blood work done ASAP and post back. Thanks Tunapancake as well, I appreciate your help brother.

It is an epidemic of ignorance and stupidity. Good luck fixing the system!

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but since I have been going to church and getting to know the Lord better, things are getting better for me. I trust in Jesus Christ our savior, the Bible says" Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you."
I don’t believe in luck, but I know that we have a powerful God who performs miracles everyday.

Exodus 23:25
Worship the Lord your God, and His blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.

Good for you mikeyboy8! I have deep respect for a man who has the courage to express his faith in front of other men. We can easily get so focused on the physical that we forget how important the emotional and the spiritual are to keeping things in balance…especially since we have to deal with the “epidemic of ignorance and stupidity” that KSman referred to.

I hope you will keep us informed as you journey through med school. We will be praying that you will be one of the new breed of Docs who will lead the way in “fixing the system”. Good Luck…oops, I mean “Be Blessed”!


Thanks brother EZ rider, I am glad to know there are fellow Christians on here. I have taken my core temp via oral thermometer. It has been low but I am unsure if my thermometer is accurate, it did say it had a standard deviation to some degree of the accuracy; until then , I will be supplementing with 50 mg of iodine daily. On a further note, been having heart palpitations more and more. Seems to be pointing to thyroid issues but I am merely speculating at this point.

It has been years since I have been using iodized salt consistently. Also, 2 yrs ago my wife left me and it was very stressful on top of that I went through nursing school with a bunch of stressed out women (too much estrogen around me, may have absorbed some of it in my skin lol! Jk) this could be adrenal fatigue as well! Learning and growing. Thanks KSman for the info on the thyroid! And Brazilian guy for the adrenal info as well!

Okay, I have found that my basal body temps are consistently low in the A.M. They are as follows…
3/19 am 97.3
3/20 am 96.4 noon 97.6 pm 97.5
3/21 am 96.3 noon (post iodine supp @ 14,000 mcg of iodine) 98.6 pm 97.3
3/22 am 97.1 afternoon 97.6
I however have found that supplementing iodine may not be a good idea if in fact my hypothyroidism stem from hoshimoto’s(auto immune disorder); it could make it worst. I will get the thyroid panel blood tests and go from there. On the bright side of things, morning wood is stronger than ever and have been woke up with nocturnals a couple times :slight_smile: but, my appetite for sex is not as strong as it was before the cycle. I have some adex and was thinking of messing with a low dose for a while to bring the E2 down. I think I will wait until I get my blood work done (thyroid panel, male hormone panel) before I medicate since my symptoms have reduced much since the first blood test. I also believe that adrenal fatigue may be an issue, when I get upset or angry thinking about how my exwife did me wrong, its like an instant boner killer. lol I gonna get cortisol levels checked as well this monday. Any body know how reliable “private md labs” are? I had my prolactin tested there.