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High E2, Not on TRT Anymore


I'm 24, went in to the Doc last year with all the tell tale signs of low T with the exception of sex drive, I never had trouble getting an erection. I went in and had blood work done, my TT and FT were about that of a 100 year old woman, first test was in the mid 200's (250-1100ng/dl) second blood work came back somewhere around 110. Doc didn't want to put me on TRT because of my age, wanted to send me to a endo who had a six month wait to get an appointment. I immediately called up a local doc who specialized in TRT, immediately put me on TRT, 200mg/wk test cyp.

This particular doctor wouldn't prescribe adex or other AI's but instead wrote me a script for nolva. I sourced some adex from a research company and began taking that asap. about 12 weeks into TRT I really wasn't feeling that great, my E2 was elevated (may have been bunk adex) and my acne was out of control. I also couldn't get this doctor to prescribe me Adex or HCG and my nuts were shrinking. I decided to discontinue TRT and use the Nolva for PCT. During this time I would look for another doctor to pursue TRT with on a better protocol.

Fast forward about a year and I'm feeling way better than I used to but had been suffering from some trouble getting a really good erection, no morning wood and some brain fog through out the day, I figured my T levels were wrecked again so I went in to my doctor to get some blood drawn, levels came back:

TT: 594 (250-1100ng/dl)
FT: 129.5 (35-155 pg/ml
E2: 55 (< or = pg/ml)

So somehow my T has managed to make some kind of masive recovery however my E2 is pretty seriously elevated. I should also point out that this blood work was done on a Mon morning after binge drinking all day saturday, and getting almost no sleep between sat and mon. I binge drank all day sat on the beach, ate and drank almost nothing, slept for about 6 hrs sat night and slept 3 hrs mon morning at a girl friends house until I went straight to the doc mon morning for bloodwork at 10. So I would think that under normal circumstances my T levels would be way better.

My question are, what would have caused my Total T and Free T to recover so well from pre TRT? Also why would my E2 be so elevated?

The doctor (same doc as before) now precribes Adex and wrote me a script for some, telling me to take 1mg mon/wed/fri. Now, seeing as im not on TRT and just trying to reduce E2, this is gonig to trash my E2... If i'm not mistaken, 1mg a WEEK should cut my E2 in half correct? Assuming I'm not an under or over responder 1mg a week should put me at the ideal level of aout 22pg/ml. Should I obtain a pill cutter and take .5mg mon and .5mg thurs or cut the pill into thirds and take mon/wed/fri? The problem I see here is the pills are tiny and going to be kind of hard to cut.


Desolve the pill in vodka and use a dropper with measurements on it to separate your dose… 1 mg per week should be lots for you.

Has prolactin been tested?

Has the liver been tested? Ast, alt

Where do you carry fat?

E2 is cleared through the liver must test these

Beer and shitty eating is not going to help.

I have lowered my E2 alottt just with diet and milk thistle

If you were on 200 mg/ml and 1 ml per week you spiked T high and E2 follows T… If you dropped off the T from that level you would crash and leave receptors open to aromatase.

Read estradiol why it matters


That is a TON of arimidex for someone not on an AAS cycle. Hell, that’s a ton of arimidex for someone on TRT.

I would er on the side of caution and take .25mg (1/4 tablet) twice a week. I feel worse when I don’t have enough E2 than when I have too much E2. You can always increase the dosage later.

Binge drinking will lower your TT levels and raise your E2 levels. I would retest as soon as I could if I were you to get the most accurate picture.


^^^^ this is good advice :slight_smile: