High E2, Low LH, High Prolactin

Hey guys. Been following along the threads on the topic and need some clarifying input. Was on TRT for one year did great! Wanted to take the wheels off more and currently on 600test and 300 deca weekly. Nothing else. After 4 weeks did labs. Started feeling like crap. Libido crashed some ED. Thoughts? Be upfront!

57 yr old
14% BF
Experience 6 yrs

TT <1500
T3 3.53 (2.5-4.3)
T4 1.17 (.71 -1.7)
Albumin 4.2 (3.5-5.0)
Prolactin 18.11 (4.04-15.2)
LH < .10 (1.40-7.70)
Progesterone .499 (< .2)
SHBG 28.53 (10-80)
E2 99.8
TSH 1.21 (.270 - 4.2)
Mag 2.0 (1.7-2.5)

Thanks Guys

It’s hard to make a judgment call after only 4 weeks especially with deca in the picture. Your TT is capped at 1500 so who knows what the actual number is. You need to get a sensitive reading on that.

Give yourself another 3-4 weeks and get another set of labs when you have reached a steadier point.

In the mean time start on some P5P for prolactin control. 100mg a day should help out somewhat.

57 years old at 240lbs and 14% body fat? What height are you and where are you getting your body fat percentage from? Unless your 6’5 those are some pretty impressive stats for someone your age that just started training 6 years ago at 51.

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Thanks zeek1414. I’m 6-4 but been active/training my whole life started training heavy with weights 6 yrs now. BF with pinch test. Waiting for tank to show up in near future for better accuracy.

That paints a bit of a better picture. Ya those pinch test are iffy. In order to get a fairly accurate result you need to have a well trained person do a 7 site pinch test and even those iv seen give different results then a dexa or bod pod.

Altho your probably not to far off.