High E2 - Depression

Lads I need some advice , I’ve been on TEST E for 7 months @ 300mg a week jabbing 0.5 Monday and 0.5 Thursday and and last 2 months upped it to 600mg per week with the same jabbing frequency…

I’ve been heavily depressed since maybe a month after getting on the TEST E and thought it was due to an ex girlfriend and certain life situations for months untill I learned about High E2

2 weeks ago I got bloods done as the majority of high E2 symptoms I was showing eg Anxiety, can’t concentrate, depression , bloating , lack of self worth , fatigued… I’ve just generally felt like complete shite…

My E2 levels came back at 83 pmol/ litre so I’ve started taking 25mg of aromasin every day 10 days do far and have started to feel a little better but seem to be still pretty low…

I don’t want to crash my E2 as I’ve read is just as bad as high E2 but fuck me im done feeling like shit and have no genuine reason to felt shit ,I’m just assuming my E2 issues are the main cause…

Has anyone had similar experiences with high E2 and how did you get it under control…
Would appreciate any advice … it’s been a hard ride and I feel sorry for the new girl lol

Not to me personally, but I would decrease your dose of testosterone. I ran 600mg when I was competing. Nobody takes that much on TRT.

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Thanks mate I’m not really using it as TRT and only increased the dose because I wasn’t feeling the Benefits I will cut the dose in half tho as I agree 100%

This isn’t high at all. Doesn’t the range go up to 160pmol? And on 600mg test you’d expect it to be a lot higher than that. So you’ve got bunk gear, or underdosed at best, and taking full dose of an AI. I predict you start feeling worse

Also, and you know, this isn’t TRT so maybe the Pharma guys can help


Not a high E2 issue. What is your total T? Also, when you increase test levels, it will put a demand on your vitamin and mineral reserves. Anyway this is not a high E issue.

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You’re definitely running low on something, your issues aren’t estrogen related. You should check iron at the very least, ferritin is the gold standard for iron testing.

I realise that now thanks man , any ideas what it could be I’ve ordered a full blood test

Thanks man , total T is 52 nmol/l

I’m running low on something as we speak, in the last week I’ve felt off mentally and wake up with a slight headache and nauseated all which goes away 40 minutes after eating a hamburger and was able to repeat this experience 3 days in a row.

I’m now forced to eat hamburger for breakfast until I find out what it is I running low on.


Are you dehydrated fella- hamburger full of salt!

This is on the Jatenzo site as a side effect. They suggest eating fat with dose, which sounds like you’re doing.

If you get tired of the hamburger, a personal sized pizza makes a good breakfast