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High e2 and Normal Test


can somebody help ?
i recently did my blood work
test levels were fine lh fsh is good but oestrogen are out of range, according to ref range the max was 120 and mine were 129 . i am having issues with my libido and i also have small gland behind my nipple (gyno) . can somebody suggest me how to tackle with this situation?/


Was it the sensitive estradiol test, the typical number guys shoot for is 22 or mid 20’ however there are guys who can operate a little higher. Were you given any type of estrogen blocker? @rb_34


i took some nolvadex in the past . but i don’t know whats sensitive estradiol test???


It’s a more accurate test for guys. Discountedlabs.com


can u suggest me what should i take to get these levels back to normal . i am more concerned about my libido . for the gyro i am going for surgery anyways.


You need a RX for anastrozole or aromasin maybe @KSman will chime in later he’s one of the best. I don’t know what your reading implies in regard how high it is since it wasn’t the sensitive test. I struggle with E2 myself and im currently adjusting my anastrozole dose to tune in my libido as well.


i will put on all my blood work later with all the ref ranges


You had total estrogens tested or estradiol?
Need units and ranges.

Please post all of your labs with ranges.


Tsh 1.16 ( 0.50-4.80 mU/L)
LH 2.80 (1.9 -9.2 U/L)
Prolactin 11.6 ( 1.6-19.0 ug/L)
Total test 20.43 (6.90-27.30 nmol/L).
Now estradiol (e2) 129 pmol/L .
They didn’t give me the exact ranges they just specified that should be less than 120 pmol/L. i got tested for 17 beta oestradiol.


Waiting for your reply @KSman


Can anybody help please ?


TSH looks nice.
Prolactin is not a problem.
TT is OK for natural state.
E2 is a problem. We like to see E2=80pmol/L for guys on TRT. Lowering E2 may increase LH/FSH, TT and FT.

Lowering E2 will help with your gyno nodule.

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E2 can be increased by a number of factors. Please see the above stickies.


Can i take arimidex or aromasin to reduce e2 . Is there any e2 rebound after using arimidex?


If i take aromasin how long body takes to make new enzymes . I dont wanna crush it too low . Just want to be in optimal range . Can you suggest me a dose ?? Thanks in advance :blush:


The suggested starting dose on this website seems to be 0.5mg of anastrozole (arimidex) per week, evenly divided in EOD doses.

Read the stickies, there is a load of useful information there: About the T Replacement Category

In your situation, especially this one: Estradiol: Why You Should Care


Here is my recent bloodwork
Tsh 2.190 ( 0.340- 5.600 mU/l)
FSH 1.41 (1-19 IU/L)
LH 4.27 (1-9 IU/L)
Prolactin 12.95 (less than 15 ug/L)
E2 161 ( less than 275 pmol/L)
Testosterone 8.96 (6.10-27.30 nmol/L)
Doc said everything is fine . But still i have low libido , no morning erections??


How is everything fine? Your test is actually pretty low. Do you have free testosterone levels? and SHBG? Get those too next blood test.

Your E2 levels are high, you want to be somewhere between 80-100pmol/L depending on your own personal sweet spot. I am guessing that is not the sensitive test though. For contrast I am natural male with high E2, but my E2 ranges 190-290 pmol/L and my test is sometimes as high as 37 nmol/L naturally.

How old are you?


I am 22 . What should i do if doc doesn’t help?