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High E2 - Anastrozole Adjustment Suggestions?


Current regimen:

320mg test cyp/wk 160mg 2x week.(Mon and Thursday).

.25 anastrozole day after each injection. (Tues and Fri).

After 5 weeks on, I had the labcorp sensitive e2 test done and I am at 39. Scale is 8-35. I def have high e2 symptoms with bloating, hot flashes and brain fog. Also no morning wood and ED.

My question is:

Should I increase my dosing to .5 or take same dosage but EOD?

Should I consider switching WHEN I take the AI? Maybe day of injection instead of day after?

Lastly, how long should I wait to get labs done again once I adjust my dosing of AI?

Many thanks.

Is there a specific reason you are on 320mg? Because that’s far higher than the highest trt dose I’ve heard of. At that dose I would use at least 0.5 the day after injection. Maybe 1.25-1.5 depending on the person.

Totally valid question krataios. While my test cyp dosage is not the standard trt prescription, it was far closer to the dosage than the amounts in the regular AAS forum. Most on that forum seem to be 400-500mg and up.

Question- what is your injection/AI schedule?


320mg is close to a light cycle I think. I’m on 140 mg enathate + 1.5 mg arimidex. I split it into two injections and I take the arimidex EOD. I dont know how my bloodwork looks like right now but when I was on 180mg my TT was at 1400 ( 320- 1200 ) and my E2 was 81 ( 20-71 ). How was your TT and FT on 320mg? Have you checked your SHGB? If its low you can use smaller amounts of test.

I will be getting complete bloodwork again soon.

What days do you inject?

Do you take your AI m,w,f?

Don;t think 320mg/week can be considered TRT. 400-500 mg/week is a typical dose for a cycle. On 320mg indefinitely cannot be healthy or sustainable.

New AI dose = Old AI dose x 39/22

New = 0.25 x 1.77 = 0.44 mg of AI at the time of injections.

I will agree that the dose of T you are on is not sustainable. Your blood will turn into mud.

This is a 12 week program. I posted in trt section bc it is somewhat of a light cycle.

Got it. I appreciate the calculations. This only a 12-week cycle. Posted here bc i thought it was closer to trt than large dosing I was seeing in other topics. Nonetheless, thanks for your suggestion. I am anxious to get this e2 down.

Any reason you suggest taking it same day as injection instead of day after? Given the shorter half life anastrozole was thinking they (test cyp) would be peaking at same time.

I don’t have a great reason to take the adex at the time of injections. I don’t worry so much about peaks and troughs injecting twice per week. With that protocol, you eventually get a pretty steady state. For me, taking them together is one less thing to think about.


I’m gonna start the new dose of AI tonight. How long would you give it before get labs done again to check my e2?

Also, understand that the calculation I used ASSUMES you are already on the protocol for at least four weeks. If you’ve been on a different dose of T, then that lesser dose is necessary to arrive at the correct AI dose.

Been on protocol I mentioned in my initial post for 5 weeks.

I just want to feel better and know I’m doing things correctly.

Ok your good to go then. It’ll take around two weeks to lower your E2. Your liver can only clear so much at a time. I’d re test in four weeks.

Anastrozole needs to balance against serum FT or bio-T levels.
Did you get T levels tested?

The calculated corrected dose of 0.5mg/week will probably work. But the required dose for that much T is normally a lot higher. You might be an anastrozole over-responder needed a lot less. Alternatively, you are a testosterone hyper metabolizer and your T levels are a lot lower than expected. How is that for messy?


That’s clear as mud… Ha.

I have learned that this is truly a process of patience, research, money and more patience. I feel confident it will be worth it once everything is dialed in.

I’m gonna give it four weeks and retest. I feel pretty confident that will get me a little closer the holy grail.

Thanks Nash.

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