High E2 After Fake Gear

Hi all,

so I started a cycle and on the 5th week I tested my E2 & testosterone. Test came out normal (~620) and E2 was at 60pg/ml. Now I assume that my testosterone was fake. I was taking adex at 0.75mg EOD and nolva EOD. I did have some great gains in the gym but I guess that was just working hard and eating right. (another lesson learned)

Anyway, my E2 elevated and I presume it’s because of the adex? I do feel something weird in my left nipple. What should I do? I started taking nolva 20mg EOD today. Is this a common reaction after taking an AI when an AI is not needed? I stopped injecting whatever I was injecting 2.5 weeks ago.

Almost nobody fakes testosterone. Unless you bought from some bathtub brewer I don’t know how you ended up with totally bunk stuff.

That being said, the Nolva could been what have raised your levels. And your comment about elevated e2 being caused by the adex is, um, troubling. That’s literally the opposite of what adex does. So I’m not sure what you’re getting at with that.


I meant the rebound after discontinuing the use of AI.

Should I stop taking nolva? Start taking adex instead?

There’s no rebound. What’s your dose of test?

I was taking 250mg twice a week (test e) but as I’ve said after 5 weeks the lab results showed my test levels to be just over 600.

Unless you take the Sensitive E2 test, Nolva can cause false positives in E2

While that may be true, I do feel a little itchiness and maybe a little lump under my left nipple which lead me to believe that my E2 is elevated.

What is my best course of action here?

How confident are you in the quality of the AI? Those would be normal numbers if you had taken severely underdosed test.

@hardartery Given that the test was shit I’m gonna say not very confident.

Most likely the Nolva is giving you a false E2 reading you you managed to find the one guy actually faking test.

Still that wouldn’t explain the feeling in my nipples. An some minor acne.

Those are signs of increased E2. You may have severely underdosed Test. It sound like someone that just started TRT and hasn’t adjusted yet. Just enough to get you in mid-range and elevate E2 (it is higher on exogynous than natural). Maybe somebody diluted it with extra oil.

So what is my best course of action here to prevent gyno?

You’re taking Nolva already, which will pretty much prevent the gyno.

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Should I keep taking it at 20mg EOD? For how long? Should I taper it down?

I’d taper it down, yeah. Maybe 10mg twice a week for two more weeks and perhaps get bloods pulled again? I don’t know. Tough situation.

Did you mean 10mg twice a day?

No, twice a week.

Would that be enough to stop gyno? Do I need an AI?

Just out of curiosity what was your free test number? With reference ranges