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High E with 1mg Arimidex?


hi guys, i recently had my bloodwork done, heres the results:
testosterone: 891

range:130 and below

i take 100 mg of test cyp a week and 1 mg of arimidex daily and thats what the test came out to be...how is my estro so high with THAT low of a dose of test and that HIGH a dose of arimi? already asked my doctor for letro and he said no so i gotta go to my endocrinologist and ask for it, but do you guys have any theories on why this is the case?


is your arimidex from a legit source, pharmacy?


Number one I would get away from this dr as fast as he
1. 1 mg of adex will cause major imblaance in immune system, neurotransmitters, clotting factors, lead you down a road of osteroporsis in no time, also increases chances of cardiovascular diseaase.
2. When evaluating estrogen you use estrodial not total estrogen
3. adex wlll not lower total estrogens
4. Total estrogen is a womens test not a males test

Other evaluation of adrenal and thyroid, lifestyles, nutrition need to be explored as well.

How old are you?
If <30-35 then HRT may not even be needed since you dr needs to brush up on proper HRT protocol and lab measuring


im 19, and its too late doc already dun did it, injured something in brain in car accident that modulates hormones i guess, pituitary came back fine, my only guess is the hypothalamus.....also i thought as long as you didnt lower estradiol/estrogen too low too long it was perfectly safe?http://jcem.endojournals.org/content/85/7/2370.short

also yeah i shuld have i guess looked into it more....shulda checked estradiol...so estrogen cant contribute to gynecomastia or water retention or any of those nasty effects only estradiol is a concern?


yes pharmacy supplies =)


I'm certainly no expert but 1mg Arimidex/daily seems awfully high to me.

I'm on 150mg test cyp/week and I take 1mg arimidex/week. .5 mg with each injection. My last bloodwork had my estradiol at 22 with these doses.

Was that amount prescribed?


with such a high dose of arimidex weekly, I would have expected some side effects to be present. That's why I was curious to know if you are using legit supplies.

Hard as nails summed it up.


Yes, estradiol, or E2 is what you want to measure. I had a hard time keeping my E2 under control even with a realtively high dose of Adex (2 mg/week) until I split my injections to E3D. Injecting only once a week or less frequent can contribute to large spikes in your test levels that can cause excess aromatization. Also, I believe that Adex is somewhat self-limiting in that taking more than a given dose, which I believe is around 0.5 mg/day, will not result in more reduction in aromatase production.


whats the difference between estogen and estradiol, i dont understand, i know estradiol is a super potent form of estrogen, but what about estrogen itself? shouldnt i be worried about it? what is the relevance of estrogen?


Did you read the sticky?



No, you shouldn't be worried about total estrogen.

Read the thread linked in the above post.