High E, Progesterone, LH, FSH & Test

I made a test cyp, trembolone and oxandrolone cycle… 1 year ago tho… I made 2 pcts, ONE FAILED, THE other one got a lil better so i decided to wait more… after seeing no progress i decided to take 50 mg of clomid and DAA for month and a half

Right After Finishing… this are my results :

Estradiol: 142 (11-44) HIGH
FSH: 17.1 (.95-11.95) HIGH
LH: 19.1 (1.14-8.75) HIGH
Progesterona: .6 (<.1-.2) HIGH
Prolactin: 6.82 (3.46-19.40
free test: 0.0262 (0.00 - .01) HIGH
[total test: 12.03 ( 1.66-8.77) HIGH

My libido is kinda back, ive being having some kine emotionalroller coaster not as bad tho… could this be due to the high estradiol? …

What do you guys think?