High E Levels After 2 Months of PCT

to start from the begining i did a cycle of test tren and winni for 3 month i was taking arimidex pharm grade all along the cycle untill the end of pct.after 2 month of pct i did blood test that came with this results:
estradiol :107.6 pg/ml should be between 7.63-42.6
testosterone 423 ng/dl
fsh 3.21 miu/ml
lh 5.0 miu/ml
sgpt 80 u/l should be less than 37
ldl 148 should be less than 130
ferritine 377 should be between 20-400

its really messed up test and i was taking all the ai and i was taking n2guard with the cycle
pls i need some thoughts here and some help indeed.
i will be seing a doctor soon but i need ur opinions on this guys pls and how to get my levels low as soon as possible