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High E Hinders Strength?


I think we agree it is not a crazy lift. The gym I work out in, it would probably be in the middle of the pack or below for male lifters, but we have had lifters hit 400+ kg in the 110 kg division.

I used to workout at a commercial gym, and I assure you it is a big lift there. I think I only saw 200 kg and over once or twice there. That gym had a lot more lifters, but a far fewer serious lifters who knew anything about lifting.

I have a feeling a lot of people on those strength level calculators put in higher numbers than what they can actually do, or put in higher numbers to see where they will fall once they hit them.


DHT can make the nervous system a bit more efficient, but if you are lifting weights that are heavier now, so 90% and up of what your true max is, then you will still get the neurological impacts of those lifts.

In powerlifting, most enhanced lifters I know don’t just do maximal effort work. At most they do two days a week (one lower body, one upper body day) and either volume work, or dynamic effort work. This is a very general description of the Westside method.

One elite lifter I know (has squatted 903 lbs weighing 236 lbs and totaled 2000+ raw w/wraps) will take two weeks off before starting training after a meet to let his nervous system recover. I assure you he is juicing as much as possible, but still needs to manage his nervous system fatigue.