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High E Hinders Strength?


In 12 weeks No I don’t believe gyno can happen in 12 weeks.
Most of what guys think is gyno coming on is just water retention plus sore nipples.
The guys who get gyno while cycling are on 3 months and off 1 then back on and they don’t track or control their E2 and prolatin.
The other group that get real gyno are low T fat boys that just lay around. Their E2 and prolactin will pretty much always be high for years. They are very prone to manboobs.


Thanks for elaborating.


My strength dropped through the floor last week. Come to find out today that my E2 is 20 points higher than 3 and a half weeks ago. Seems to be something to it.


Good to hear someone else is experiencing something similar, hopefully getting e2 in check will sort it out


So I upped my dosage a few weeks ago after getting bloods as my t levels weren’t were they should be (assumed it was underdosed), ordered a new vial just after that and it seems the new one is full strength lol.

E2 is perfect where it is so I’ll leave everything now and see how I’m feeling in another week. Only upped adex dose 8 days ago.

So 2334 ng/dL total T. Gotta be some more gains coming!


I don’t agree. I can run test at 500 week with no ai and get no itchy nipples.


Jesus christ bro estrogen at 100pmol with that t level. You are 100% crashed like flight 370 No doubt at all.


I don’t think the test helps much with the nervous system, so I you are hitting 3RM every week on deadlifts / squats, that is going to catch up with you.


Well good for you what the hell does that have to do with anything I said.


Well I think that’s dabatable, I feel a hell of a lot better where I am now then where I was before I upped my adex dose and e2 was high.


Even natural it took me longer then this to burn out. Though I am lifting a hell of a lot more in a short time frame so it may have caught up.


This is why I said what I said bud.


Well consider yourself lucky you are not typical.
This forum is full of sore nipple posts from first time TRT guys to cyclers at every level.


Its not debatable at all. Its biologically impossible to feel good with that ratio.


E2 is perfect if you were on TRT. You E2 is in the tank when it comes to cycling. I am surprised you have not injured yourself yet. Good luck you need to shelf your AI.


When on TRT levels:



So essentially what your saying is how I’m feeling now as a posed to the anxiety riddled mess I was before lowering e2 doesn’t mean anything in this conversation?

Also the fact that I haven’t hurt myself while putting on 30kg to my deadlift (now 240x3) and squat (200x3) as well 15kg to my bench. Youd think squatting 200kg in that short of time frame I would have very likely injured a knee if it was going to happen. Right?
Open to any input regardless of my own opinion, though a bit of evidence regarding your views on it would be very welcome.


Thats a better looking ratio. 120 e2 does seem about right for that t level.


Phil Heath or Kai Greene could barely squat 200kg for reps with the proper contraction. You may need to take a look at HOW your squatting and benching.


And what was ronnie squating? 800 pounds or something? What exactly is your point? Because so far you’ve only offered your opinion with no evidence to back it up, then criticize my training because… you cant lift anywhere near that? Lol had to say it. What exactly are you stats, weight lifts etc?

Yeah so first to pop up on a quick google search is kai green squatting 500 pounds for reps.


@deanis55 why do you post here asking for advice and when you get it you just argue and bitch. Hell man if you got this then go f-ing do it and stop wasting our time.