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High E After Cycle, Arimidex. Other Advice?

My estrogen level after my cycle and PCT concluded was 52 (normal range is ~35, i hear 22 is optimal.

So I posted here a few days ago and I was advised to take Arimidex for 2-3 doses at .25mg E3D

I’ve taken two doses and I can feel the effects right away. It helps, I feel better more “normal”, less stressed, less hungry…

But it seems to wear off? Or e levels go back up? Can someone explain?

I dosed some arimidex and after my workout got this awkward persistent erection… Normal? Can something be deduced from this?

Im all bloated up with fat from estrogen and I cant stand this shit, doing ridiculous amounts of cardio and eating pure protein and barely any carbs and I still cant cut this fat… FUCK! My cousin had me doing ridiculously large HCG shots I should strangle him… how to fix this?

Is arimidex enough or do I need aromasin? Is 3 doses really enough to take down 3 months of 500ui cyp a week???

So this is Bloat from estrogen?? I must be very sensitive maybe I need more arimidex… going to get a blood test tomorrow.

Go to the t replacement forum and read all of @KSman stickies on shutdown and hpta restart. Also the hcg wont make you fat. Diet will. I would re evaluate that making sure your getting essential fatty acids for proper hormone function and adequate protein, remember in the absence of fuel the body will take excess protein and convert to a fuel source or better yet store it.

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depending on how recently you took the high doses of HCG, the increased T–>E2 conversion taking place inside the testes cannot be controlled by adex. Also, there is a rebound affect once you stop taking adex where the adex unbinds from the receptors allowing the E2 floating around to bind and become active. I would stop taking HCG if you have not done so already and remain on the adex .25 E3D, meanwhile read up on the HPTA restart

High doses of hCG or SERMs can make E2 high and uncontrollable. So not stack hCG+SERM or SERM+SERM.

Take 0.5mg anastrozole twice a week for a while. You can do labs for TT, FT, E2 and if a problem with TT, FT do labs for LH/FSH.

E2 can be elevated from liver problems which can easily be from some types of gear. AST/ALT can show some types of liver distress. But you need to back off training and be fully recovered so sore muscles do not skew AST/ALT.

Taking a SERM with resultant high E2 causes the liver to produce a lot of SHBG in response and a SERM will not stop that. FT is reduced by SHBG+T and SHBG+T is not bio-available. When you lower E2, SHBG can be slow to fall again. You do not want to be there.

It is horrible how so many in this forum regard E2 as an issue that probably does not apply to them and their criteria is itchy nipples. So E2 gets high from gear as expected and they then start a SERM, probably a typical but insane dose, and now E2 is even higher. What is happening to SHBG?

Very informative, thank you for your info KSman. I’ll read it several times and take it to heart. Lesson learned. I’ve been taking arimidex and its been helping quite a bit. Is arimidex my only option here? After finding these boards and KSman’s info I’m certain I could execute a perfect second cycle, would that be of any benefit, perhapse get my T->E ratio to a normal level so everything is in balance, then do PCT correctly with a single low dose SARM to restart my HTPA correctly?

After taking the Arimidex I literally felt my E2 levels drop and I got that bounce of energy back in my step. All the darkness and weight of High E2 seems to have disappeared, not to mention the body ache and lethargy, all GONE overnight. Will continue taking 0.25-.5mg Arimidex 2x/week and check bloodwork.

Should I check bloods in ~ a week to see how E2 is responding?

I’ll be keeping track of my progress in here in term of BF%, waistline, and E2 levels.

I just wanted to add here that the logic that got me here was my friend recommend for a firsty cycel I should run test only and that I didnt need “any of those other hormones” such as Arimidex or Clomid… stupid I know but theres alot of conflicting bro science, good to finally have some real science in here.

Incase anyone else was thinking of doing this, dont. I didnt have problems right away but months of elevated E2 is no joke, I just kept putting on weight no matter how much I exercised or how little/clean I ate… not to mention I was in a shitty mental rut for months.

Takes a week to eval what a steady dose will do.
If you are feeling great, no need to rush labs, wait 3-4 weeks or longer to get in balance.

Elevated E2 can make guys bitchy and intolerant. Does not take much, E2 above 35pg/ml will be a spoiler for many.

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If your E2 is that high I hope you are checking your blood pressure. A lot of that fat you are talking about is water and that leads to high BP.

I’ve been taking 0.25-0.5mg E3D and its been helping alot with the mood, been about 2-3 weeks going to test E2 and see what’s going on.

I honestly dont think this is water weight, if it is then its some solid fatty water.

My body gained SO much fat during the PCT, as soon as i removed testosterone I started ballooning up with fat in all the usaul places, lower belly and bell/love handles … is that normal?? Have I just been unable to cut this fat off or did I seriously fuck up??