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High Dose Var Compairable to Tren?


hi all

im looking to do another 3 by 2on4off cycles.

i can get anavar at a very decent price and was thinking about subbing tren a with it.

i would usually use tren a at 200mg on day one and then 100md ed for day 2 - 9... now keeping in mind that im not concerned about how great the tren associated intramuscular water and glycogen retention makes me look on cycle, i am just concerned about actual muscle tissue being built. how would anavar perform in this regard (as apposed to tren) at say 120mg ED from day 1-14.

the reason im leaning towards the var at the moment is because pinning is such a chore for me (i have to hide the kit,i get super nervous, shaky and sweaty when i pin) and, paradoxically, the tren turns out to be a ton more expensive (im on a budget).

p.s. either the tren or var would play the role of the AR mediated anabolic, and would be stacked with a class 2 aas to cover my non-genomic bases.

thanks a lot for the help guys!


So are you pinning test too? I sure hope you are not taking tren without test.


Tren over var for sure. Use slin pins makes pinning a whole lot better.


no i am not using test, had no issues at all without it in the past with such short cycles

BUDs is this beacuse you think var is not efficient at augmanting muscle gains? i have read a lot of post on other boards where people say it is too weak to be used effectively in a bulk... but i thaught this opinion might be a result of people using too low of a dose and the fact that var doesnt give much intramuscular glycogen and water, and gives very little androgenic cns stimulation. also bill roberts did mention the var+dbol stack for 2 weekers (although the winni+drol combo seems to be a lot more popular)

thanks for the imput!


var sucks

2 week cycles suck

either man up and pin or give your aas to me


You want muscle and you're not using test? You are missing out man.


I have nothing against var I just think tren is far superior at building muscle.


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Doesn't running a cycle without testosterone as a base kill your sex drive?


it can if you don't run another aromatizable compound.. estrogen plays a vital role in sex drive

I have run tren only cycles however and had no problem, everyone is different


Is there any upside to running tren solo with no test?




Did not think so. Tren is one of my favorite compounds. The strength I get from it is unreal.


without going off on a tangent, i have tried the 2 weeker with a decent dose of test prop before and didnt really notice anything as far a libido, well being, etc. that i didnt with just tren... im guessing its because 2 weeks is so short. i would defos run test in any longer cycles just to maintain normal bodily function.

now back to the original subject... anyone else got any comments, experience or theories about bulking with compounds that are traditionally used for cutting. the reason being that with 2 weekers you should (according to mr roberts and Realgains) use fast acting powerful orals because you dont want to waste any time.. however i really would like to avoid E side effects that are associated with dbol, anadrol, m1t.

i read a post on another board where someone said something to the effect of (im using completely arbitrary doses and weights here).
he would rather use 75mg anavar for 6 weeks and gain 4kgs and keep that 4kgs, than run 75mg of dbol for the equivilent amount of time and gain 10kgs but only keep 4kgs of that long after the cycle is over.

i know anavar is more expensive, but what are your chaps objective opinions about the above sentiment?