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High Dose TRT Causing Joint Pain?


I have been experiencing some pain in my left hip joint for the last week or so. It’s only noticeable when I put weight on the joint, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

I’ve been doing some reading on sudden onset hip joint pains, and from what I can tell, the main causes are usually injury related, or a possible case of AVN. Have you ever heard of upper end TRT regimens (~200mg week) causing AVN?

I ask because I haven’t had any injuries that I’m aware of and I just woke up one morning with this happening, and from what I have read, long term high dosage steroid use can be a possible cause of AVN.

I was thinking that maybe I just slept wrong, but as I said, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Been thinking here for the last couple days that maybe I should make an appt with the Bone and Joint clinic here in town, but wanted to do some research beforehand to better understand the possible causes, and to better interpret any diagnosis given.

Thanks for any help!

If you think it might be AVN shouldn’t you get that checked by a doctor?

See below…Thanks

Sorry, to me it’s not immediately clear (language-barrier) that equates to doctor level medical care

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Gotcha. No worries…

To your credit though, it’s good advice, and I am going to make an appointment if this doesn’t start easing up soon. I’m just researching for my own curiosity right now though, and want to be reasonably knowledgeable on as many possible outcomes as I can…

I also want to give this a few more days just to see if it needs a little more time to heal in the case of some strain type of injury that I didn’t even realize that I had…

I had severe, fairly long term joint pain in my feet, which went away after I stopped using an AI.

I could definitely see that. I apologize as I should have been more clear though…I use Test Cyp only. No AI. No other injectable compounds.

I do take 50mg Daily DHEA, but have been doing that since I started TRT almost 2 years ago. I’ve only been at the current Test dosage for about 6 months…


Insidious/unexplained onset pain can be challenging. If you were tackled and landed on your left hip (a al Bo Jackson) we would have a good start with the differential. I could give you some ideas, but without the benefit of a proper physical examination it’s pure speculation which needs to be checked out anyway.

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I appreciate your time sir!

Not sure if you saw this:

Interesting. Only 1 patient so not technically a study, but interesting all the same. Thanks for providing that!

Yes, that is a case report.

are you working out more or lifting more weight? Over training?

Nah I don’t typically go super heavy anymore. I do mostly time under tension style training with medium to lighter weights.

It happens. My elbow, hurt for a month before it chilled out. Im sure it was a combo of working around the house and lowering my dose. I upped the dose and within a week pain went away. Im sure it wouldve gone away eventually but the timing of it will never have a clear reason for why it happened and why it stopped.

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