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High Dose Tren, Low Dose Test - Critique?

In about two weeks I plan to start the following cycle:

week 1-10: tren E, 600-800mg (1000mg frontload day 1)
week 1-12: test E, 250mg (500mg frontload day 1)
week 1-6: anadrol, 100mg ED
week 11-14: tbol, 40mg ED
week 1-12: hcg, 250iu e3D
week 15-18: PCT, nolva 40,20,20,20
week 1-20: HGH 10iu e3d

I also have some aromasin, but I would think I wouldn’t need it for this cycle?
Considering also running 25mcg t3 from week 3-12.

Goal is mainly strength increase, but also to add some quality mass with minimal fat gain.

Age: 36 years old
height: 180 cm
current weight: 92kg
bodyfat: No idea, but all abs are visible, with some vascularity on arms and shoulders.

230kg deadlift, 165kg squat (yeah I know it sucks!), 155kg bench.

Previous cycle experience includes a few oral only cycles and two short cycles with test+tren.
I had few sides with tren at 400mg a week.

Any input would be welcome, It’s cold as fuck here, so a bit of flaming won’t hurt!

A fine recipe for a probably poor and difficult recovery.

Unless for some reason the date 14 weeks from now is particularly important for you, doing twice as many shorter cycles per year will be more productive overall than doing only two overly-long cycles such as this.

Plus, if keeping things equal (same total amount of drugs per year, same total weeks off per year) your off periods will be only half as long, which is a good thing.

Thanks for the feedback!
How about if I shortened this down to 10 weeks before PCT, would that be much easier to recover from?
say I end the test same day as tren in week 10, and drop the tbol? PCT start in week 12?


If the 10 weeks were counted as being total weeks suppressed, that is a length that seems to a have fairly low percentage of recovery problems. If you mean 10 weeks of injections, then actually with these esters that is at least a 12 week cycle and so problems wouldn’t be unusual, but chances are better than with the 14 weeks you plan above.

Why not do twice as many cycles per year of half the length? Or something approximately similar.

Well, I think I will go with 8 weeks of injections, use anadrol for only the first 4 weeks, then use tbol to maintain a higher level of steroids in the blood for weeks 9 and 10 while the esters taper off, starting PCT in week 11.

Short and intense and hopefully not too suppressive! Thanks!

Glad to help! :slight_smile:

Good recovery is the usual outcome with a program like this, and it should be very effective.

Just got started with my revised, and pr Bill Roberts advice, shortened cycle today.
Frontloaded with 1000mg tren E, 700mg test E, and ate some anadrol with a massive breakfast.
Started HGH yesterday, with four 2.5iu injections for a total of 10iu, which I will continue with for e3d.

5ml of tren into the ventrogluteals… wow… I feel powerfull already! :slight_smile:

week 1-8: tren E, 600-800mg (1000mg frontload day 1)
week 1-8: test E, 350mg (700mg frontload day 1)
week 1-4: anadrol, 100mg ED
week 9-10: tbol, 40mg ED
week 2-9: hcg, 250iu e3D
week 11-14: PCT, nolva 40,20,20,20
week 1-20: HGH 10iu e3d

Keep this log up. I’m quite interested!

No AI at all? I know the only aromatizable is the test, but I would personally be nervy about it.

Sounds good.

Have you run Anadrol @ 100mg/day before?

Thats quite a lot if you havent, remember to keep good form and dont get too carried away cause you will
get so strong and massive pumps you can lift the world…remember you cant though.

That stuff gets me CRAZY strong in a short time and last time on Anadrol I lifted more than I should have
(I was @ 50mg/day) and injured my forearm badly and am still recovering over 3 months later…

Just respect the Anadrol and youll be fine.

I have aromasin / exemestane on hand, but i won’t use it unless I get any sense of estrogen being too high.

Have used anadrol at 100mg before, even up to 150mg for å short while.

Hah! Today King Anadrol said hello, all veiny, swollen and in your face!

Intense focus, aggression (towards the weights) and a wild feeling of getting stronger and stronger as the workout progressed.

If dbol is the breakfast of champions, then drol must be the nectar of the gods!