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High Dose Steroids and Strength Increase

Hi everybody.

I have just signed up.

I am really curious about how much does steroids increase strength.

I think high dose of steroids increase strength around 2.5 times.

Maybe this will sound weird, but I definately dont believe it only affects %20-30.


According to this article, only 600 Mg Test E increases strength by %40.

So we know that many top Powerlifters - Bodybuilders etc. use MUCH more than 600 Mg. I’ve even heard that some guys using 7000 Mg steroids per week.

And bear in mind that, some steroids are much more stronger than Cheap Test E. Like Halotestin and Trenbolone.

So I think it gives you 2-2.5 times strength.

I have proof for that.

Lets look at Ronnie Coleman. Now he is retired, he is not competing anymore so he is not using high dose of steroids. He is natural right now or he is just using TRT dose. Because he is 52 years old and years of steroid abuse much probably shut down his natural production.

Anyway, it is obvious that he lost so much size and strength.


As you can see, he can only Dumbell Bench Press with 80’s.

In his prime, he was able to do with 200’s !


Ronnie Coleman has one of the best genetics in the world and he struggles with 80’s today. And bear in mind that, he has been training with weights for 30 years. Despite training 30 years , nowadays he cant dumbell bench press more than 80’s.

Most people are using steroids and than they are claiming “Drug Free”.

All federations are crap. Drug test = crap. I dont believe them.

In this link, you can see that Ryan Kennely was using 4525 Mg Steroids PER WEEK. This guy benchpressed 1000 Lbs with equipment and around 650 Lbs Raw.


No not 2.5x. That’s ridiculous. And more is not better. 600mg test e is reasonable cycle not a low dose.

I don’t know what answers guys like you are looking for.

  1. You don’t believe steroid users when you are told real experience.

  2. You would rather extrapolate things and form conclusions from vague examples like Ronnie Coleman’s situation after numerous operations and advanced age. Or Ryan Kineally’s court video where he claims he drank shakes with testosterone powder in an obvious attempt to account for the amount of steroids he was caught with to avoid distribution charges.

  3. You would rather take the word of vocal people with no experience with steroids who can only cite the same one or two out of less than 10 studies ever done on PEDs and don’t know how to interpret them accurately because they have no experience with steroids.

  4. You are going to argue with me despite all the above with 3rd hand information from that article by that Butt Boy or whatever he’s called because you don’t know what you are talking about either, which makes no sense to me so I’m not even going to even attempt to engage.

Than why Ronnie Coleman cant press 200 Lbs now ?

And why he is only 180-190 Lbs today ? He was 300 Lbs in his prime.

I know he had many surgeries.

And 600 Mg Test / Week is very low by todays standarts. Many top guys are using 2000-3000 Mg.

Yes Ronnie Coleman had multiple surgeries I know. But these surgeries are mainly for his back and hips. It is nothing to do with his chest and arms.

And still, despite the surgeries he can even do leg presses.

Also he has still some muscle mass.

I know that Ryan Kennely was caught with steroids, but I think 4500 Mg / Week is correct statement.

For example, in a youtube video, Dorian Yates also claims that he was using 1850 Mg Test / Week.


( He starts telling after 7 minutes 10 seconds )


Secondly, a very strong and famous powerlifter Pete Rubish also admits he and many people are using HİGH DOSES of steroids.

Pete Rubish is now deadlifting 900 Lbs. But he is very honest person. He also told that , he started deadlifts with only 225 Lbs.

And also you say that “Ronnie Coleman’s” age is old. But I dont agree.

Yes he is over 50, but it does not matter. 50 is not so much.

Andy Bolton was deadlifting 1000 Lbs when he was over 40.

Stan Efferding did 2300 Raw Total at the age of 46.

And also, despite the fact that Ronnie Coleman is over 50, it does not matter. He has the best genes in the world and he has been training since 1980’s.

^Yup. Just like I wrote.

Also, you sound like a noob. Why are you even looking up steroids in the first place?

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Why are you getting so angry ? I dont want to offend anyone.

I am not noob, I have done many researches.

Please explain, why top powerlifters are using grams of test a week ?

I know many guys personally, and none of them come close to 300 Lbs Benchpress. The strongest I know is doing only 180 Lbs x 10 repetitions .

Why it is like that ? I have been to many gym and I have never seen a 400 Lb Benchpress. NEVER.

You have done research… BUT have you done a cycle?? If you haven’t… Then you are a NOOB!!
Why are you even bringing Ronnie into this topic? You ask why he is only 180-190 and then you answer your own question in the next sentence… You are stating so much irrelevant shit about some of the top pros or people who make a living in the fitness industry… You are stating all of this stuff but none of it pertains to you.

THE STRONGEST GUY YOU KNOW BENCHES 180 FOR 10… You have got to be fucking kidding me!!! That’s a part of my warmup… You have been to many gyms??? So basically you just go to different Planet Fitness locations??? Please tell me this is a fucking joke…

Your post is pointless… You state a bunch of dumb shit about top pros or former top pros… This is a pharma forum… Not talking about how much Ronnie, Efferding, or your vagina wearing one plate benching buddies can press…


I don’t see how I come across as angry.

Yes, you are a noob. That’s why explaining anything to you, be it training or drugs, would be futile since you have already formed such fixed opinions.

You are not the first person who has asked me these questions, neither will you be the first to accept the answers.

Just worry about yourself and your own progress.



Ronnie don’t want to bench press 200lbs now. He doesn’t need to do that… man, are u angry?

Steroids will increase your strength, that’s correct, but not that much. Some guys are stronger than others and do not depend on steroids… I would say that majority of natural guys would lift more than non natural guys. Man, strength is more related with genetics and style of training, but more with genetics… Ronnie is a power lifter in essence, he turned to bodybuilder but he could lift heavy without any drugs, its about structure, tendons, etc…
You don’t know much about steroids, and it looks like you never used before and plus, seens to me that you have been envying steroids users, and you blame your lack of strength just because you don’t use it. Its a shame because U should lift heavy as steroids users, as I said, majority of them don’t lift heavy, they don’t need to do it. U don’t need to lift super heavy for great muscles, you can do it if you really want this risk, but don’t need.

And remember, most of them do heavy weights in front of cameras, just to show off, and to make a good video for YOU.

Ronnie could lift heavy as before man, but don’t need to do it anymore, he proved to be the stronger ever…

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Why should not I bring Ronnie to this topic ? The dude is known for his exceptional strength and mass.

Yes he is not powerlifter but he is still stronger than most powerlifters.

How many powerlifters do you know can Benchpress near 600 Lbs Raw or 800 Lbs deadlift?

And HIGH DOSE of steroids certainly increase strength by 2 times, or even more.

I have watched Ronnie Coleman’s dumbell benchpress many times. He even himself states that " He struggles with 80 Lbs dumbells" now.


And it is quite obvious that he is hardly pressing those 80’s. Look at his facial expression.

I think it is impossible for him to do 200 Lbs now. Impossible. Why ? Becuse he is not using high dose steroids anymore.

And I say strongest NATURAL guy. I am sure that they are natural. And their max bench is around like that.

Most strong people are FAKE Natural though. They are using steroids and than they are telling that they are “Natural”.

As I said before, check Pete Rubish. He even himself admitted that he started to deadlifts at 225 Lbs 1 Rep. Now he can do 900 Lbs. This development IS NOT Possible without steroids. And he admits that he uses grams of test.

Pete is very honest man. He could have said "Oh, I am natural ", but not.

Do you really think getting increasing strength by 4 times is possible “Without” high dose of anabolics?

That is impossible.

My take from this thread: If I ever want to do a 225 dead or 315 raw bench, I need to stop this weak ass blast and cruising shit and just start injecting 250mg test e every day.

/end sarcasm

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See, here’s why there is no way we can have a logical discussion:

You are noob enough to believe that Pete Rubish would only be deadlifting 225lbs without steroids, which is the equivalent of believing the earth is flat.

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Your username fits him better.

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Top guys meaning not you. 600mg test is a perfectly good cycle for a mortal. But blast several grams by all means. You still won’t triple your strength.

The argue is god damn poor man, you CANNOT associate the strenght one person has or has gainned with the steroids alone. Poor concept. Steroids make you a little stronger, but then can make you recover faster and build muscle faster than without them. All associated with good nutrition, some strenght trainning and, etc… etc… building muscles faster will make you stronger, so… of course you’ll have more energy inside muscles, more nutrients are plugged to cells, but it’s not this miracle you are thinking.
Why don’t you try some esteroids, especific strenght steroids like anadrol, trenbolone, oxandrolone, etc… you’ll see for your self that there is no magic. Actually, today, I do lift less weight than before when I was natural… much, much less…

You sir are a fucking moron!!!

Guys, he won’t understand. All his opinions come from other noobs on the internet and 180lb benchers in real life.

No matter what you tell him, he’s just going to go back to them to reinforce his previous beliefs.