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High Dose or Long Term


Hi I'm trad_climb, long time lurker, short time member. I've been rock climbing for several years now, and have, over the last year or so, gotten into more conventional lifting. I am wanting to put on more mass and looking at doing the 14 week test, tren, deca cycle in the Anabolic book put out each year. I've read the book cover to cover probably 5 times now, and done addition research.

Here is my question: My dealer sells in units of 20cc's, so at the end of the 14 week cycle i'd have an extra 10cc of test-200, and deca-300. Would it be more beneficial to my gains to just do a higher dose of test and deca during the 14 weeks, or to elongate the cycle to use up all the gear.

Thanks for your time.

Pic related, goal body (not srs)


Frontload it and up the dosages slightly. Shorter + Higher dosages are generally considered more effective.