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Very interesting Juggs, please keep the updates coming. Very fortuitous that the E2 didn’t skyrocket up with such a leap in TT/FT. I think you’re making the right call cutting dosing in half, safer that way in the long run from what I’ve read on here.

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Well with the 2mg/wk of adex I’ve been taking, I didn’t expect E2 to climb too much, but yeah, I am actually kind of surprised that it is actually a little lower than before TRT.

I don’t know if I’ll even need the adex at half dose (105mg/wk), but I’ll take 0.5-1.0mg adex/wk at first then retest. Either way, I don’t want to show up to my followup with astronomical T levels and get my prescription lowered. I’d rather keep it the same and bank the extra for later.

So it’s probably too early to tell and this may be placebo effect but I haven’t been working out much at all since starting TRT due to my recent shoulder surgery - I just got out of the sling two weeks ago - and I seem to already be seeing a slight improvement in body comp. I’m the same weight, but have lost about 3/4in around my waist. That little may be accounted for just in stomach content or water fluctuations, but usually my weight and waist measurement are directly related, and if they trend the other way it means I’m losing bodyfat. Oh well. Time will tell…

Just a quick update while it’s on my mind. Since starting TRT my testicular pain is completely gone. I’ve had this pain since 2009, so if that is the only benefit I ever see from TRT it’s worth it.

A couple of quick updates…

I’m about 6 weeks in and really starting to feel better now, and finally noticing improvements in my sleep. I find I need a lot less sleep than before. Still zero change in body comp, but that may be a good thing since I’m doing very little exercise while rehab’ing my shoulder, and normally I would immediately start gaining weight when not working out.

I know its way too early into my TRT journey to start messing with other anabolics, but since I’m feeling good and have my doc’s approval (and prescription), and I start formal physical therapy on Monday I will be taking 100mg of deca per week for the next 10 weeks, which will hopefully help with my recovery.

I have kind of a strange question - has anyone ever noticed a marked decline in attention span after starting TRT?

Ever since I started TRT I have the most difficult time staying focused on anything. I can’t confirm they’re related, but they did coincide perfectly. I have a final project due tomorrow morning, and normally at this point I would be in full blown panic mode and have the kind of focus you’d expect from the Limitless pill, but I can’t for the life of me get, or stay, focused. Or even seem to care, for that matter. I have the same problem at work now. I’ve always been somewhat of a procrastinator, but I can’t seem to get anything done unless I’m under a deadline. This is a very recent development, and it’s troubling because my work (computer programming) requires pretty intense focus, and I still have another year of grad school left too, which also requires some serious focus. If this persists it could easily ruin my career, and that is not an exaggeration.

So it’s nearing 3 months on TRT now and I thought it would be a good time for an update. My regimen has stabilized at 100mg Test-C and 500iu of hCG twice per week, and 0.5mg of adex EOD. I’ve made minor adjustments 2 or 3 times and arrived at this protocol feeling pretty good, with great mood, strong libido, no acne or other symptoms to speak of. I previously mentioned lowering my T dose to 100mg/wk and still plan to do so but am still recovering from a major shoulder surgery and to be quite honest I like the fact that this dose has allowed me to maintain my bodyfat level, possibly even lower it a bit, while in a state of reduced physical activity.

The main reason for lowering it would be that I have naturally high blood pressure (since I was very young) as well as the fact that after starting TRT I watched my hematocrit rise from 44.3 (37.5 - 51.0) to 47.3. I’ve since had two therapeutic phlebotomies in the last 3 months just to stay on the safe side, but I don’t want to keep doing that forever so I’ll be lowering my test dose in the near future.