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High Dose EQ (1g+) Experiences

I know a lot of guys think EQ is a waste of pin space, but I Really think that they haven’t done a high enough dosage! You need to take into account the heavy ester weight of EQ, and the fact that it’s simply a steroid that needs a high dosage to work well, similar to primo in that respect!

I’ve done 600mg EQ per week with 500mg test E and it didn’t doo much more than 500mg test E did alone.

Based on an article I read on the web and a few people’s personal experience, I ran 1400mg EQ with 500mg test E and 500mg mast E.

This cycle was nuts!! I gained much more weight than I ever have on deca at 600mg, and I had basically 0 sides, felt great, great sleeps, great workouts, unlimited energy, great feeling of well being, and felt AMAZING overall!

Tren has always been my “go to”, something like 400mg test e 600mg tren e was my favorite bulker before this, but high dose EQ takes the cake!

For those of you that haven’t tried high dose EQ, the only thing I can compare it too tren in some ways. It raises my body temp a LOT, it makes my metabolism go CRAZY, makes me super hungry, and when it first kicked in, my bulk at 4600 cals turned into a recomp, I actually lost signifigant bodyfat while gaining a few lb.

I’m not usually one to reccomend crazy dosages… I may have done some silly cycles in the past, but I’ve been into lower dosages this time around. EQ is the only thing I Would run OVER one gram of… For those that have given EQ a shot around 600mg and didnt like it, I Would REALLY reccomend giving it a go around 1200. The article I Read and the personal experiences I read ranged from 1200mg to 2400mg per week of EQ, and everyone loved it!

The high dose of EQ is meant to be run with EQ much higher than test, I’d reccomend test in the 400-600 range with eq in the 1200-1800 range, basically test 1/3 of the EQ dosage in my opinion is best.

This is really a great alternative to the traditional “Test Heavy” cycles, and really has very little side effects with really pehnominal gains!

NOTE* You definitely wanna watch your BP when doing EQ, especially with these dosages… I took 80mg aspirin a day and my BP never got too high on 1400mg eq/week, if it did get too high i would’ve just donated blood!

I’d LOVE to hear anyone elses experiences on HIGH EQ, anything 1g+ qualifies but I’m really interested in hearing about 1400-2000mg experiences! Thanks guys!

This is a GREAT alternative to tren for guys who want a LEAN bulk that allows you to really pack in the cals without piling on the fat!