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High-Dose DHEA for Women?

Hey guys, was reading about DHEA and its’ effects on women. Though it isn’t a true PED/AAS, has anyone experimented with dosages above 100mg/day? Again, this is question is in relevance to women.

Pulled this quote from a @tcluoma article found at Tip: A Wonder Drug for Women - T NATION
“The study conducted by the anti-drug researchers mentioned at the beginning of this article found that a single 100 mg. capsule of DHEA resulted in a doubling of female testosterone levels for 24 hours. Furthermore, salivary levels of testosterone increased by over 30 times baseline in the first three hours after taking the capsule.”

So I gotta ask, what about splitting dosages to say 50mg 2x/day… is it reasonable to believe that salivary T levels would still equate to 30x nominal value or potentially increase? And how would one capitalize on this temporary T level increase - should women aim to train during this period?

It IS reasonable to think that splitting the dosage in two could lead to further increases in T. HOWEVER, that being said, it’s impossible to know for sure given the vagaries of the endocrine system in general. Also dependent on the age group.

It seems likely that it would have a mild to moderate anabolic effect, though, and could help put on muscle.

So yeah, capitalize by training and consistently hitting daily protein goals.

Hope that’s of some use!


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